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Hotter than Hell Today Haiku




They cling to guns to feel safe
while callously letting the environment go to hell.
It’s all really starting to smell.


[Note:  So sad that the U.S. is a country addicted to guns.  Even the children have taken up shooting each other.  On another note:  So many fly in jets to go on vacations to “beautiful places,”  or to take “beautiful” nature photos.  The carbon footprint of jet travel, for human beings, is unbelievably high, massively high; there is nothing beautiful about ruining the environment.  People who frequently go traveling around the world are admired by others, not by me.]


Our Dying Environment… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018







This and That



an impressive this and that
a revealing why and how
won’t make the superficial mind much deeper
we might see that by now

a reading left to right
some judgment up and down
will not make the world much saner
or dissolve the patterns to which we’re bound



Young Leafhopper (around 4 mm long)…. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018


Our Internet is Down and Broken… & my Apologies…



Our internet has been down a few days.  That is why i have not been responding to you guys, interacting, liking your blogs, or responding to your comments (which i apologize for).  They finally got it going again but our rural-area computer wouldn’t work with the new system and so they got it going for us with a very antiquated, dial-up-cretaceous system.  It is so slow that i have to wait a very long time just for one picture to download!  The internet service provider promised me that they would come back with a fast system for us again (but that they would have to order it and didn’t know how long that would take.) 

So, in the meantime, i will not even try to visit other blogs or do much online (unless it temporarily starts working faster, which one doubts will happen).  I schedule my blog postings about a month in advance, so my blog posts will continue to appear.  I will probably not — while this is super-slow internet is happening — continue to try to schedule many posts in advance, though i may continue with the mindfulness-philosophical prose stuff on Sundays, as i feel a responsibility to keep the significance of that going.   (If i do, i will probably use images already used and existing in my WordPress media file, since it would be near impossible to upload at this point.)  Hopefully, things will get back to technologically normal soon, and all of this will be just a bad memory!  🙂   Thanks much, all of you!   🙂  



Mushrooming Love (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018


Bridge to a Better Future



Physically, there may be a bridge to a better future.  One can eat more healthfully, exercise more, and do things to improve the environment, including building wonderful bridges.  Internally (i.e., psychologically), is there really a bridge, and who is going to cross that bridge?   Is the bridge different from what one is?  

Is the “experiencer” really something separate from the experience?  If there were no experiences, what would the “experiencer” be?  So many of us, like infantile children, want more and more pleasurable experiences.   Can there be moments when a sagacious mind exists without merely depending upon experience after experience? 

If anger takes place, can it be looked non-fragmentarily — without manufacturing separate ideals — so as to be fully aware of it (without separative space and time)?  Can there be moments when the mind (without excuses) fully sees what it is directly and with full awareness, without concocting notions of something different (that requires space and time to achieve)?  If cruelty exists, and ideals manifest of “someday not being cruel,” is the non-cruelty an actuality or is it a mere abstraction (or escape) that depends upon fabricated psychological time?… and may it be that fabricated time (with its space) fails to see cruelty instantly and fully for what it really is?  Is the thinker really something separate from thought, or are they one and the same?  Is psychological time often an escape depending upon fragmentation, fabricated space, a mentally fabricated separate “I”… and, also, a postponement?  

These questions are here for you to ask yourself; they do not exist for you to reply here with any answers.


from Emily Dickinson:


There are two Mays
And then a Must
And after that a Shall.
How infinite the compromise
That indicates I will!




Ebony Jewelwing… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018



SubWay Diploma Haiku



[While at the local Subway, getting a vegetarian sub the other day, i noticed a framed “Subway Diploma” hanging on the wall where the employees were working; the following Haiku was inspired by that Diploma certificate.]


I worked so very hard
to get a diploma from Subway
but I just couldn’t cut the mustard



Insects on Wild Celery… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018


The Story of Lo Zu and The Young Man



An inquisitive young man, along with some of his friends, went to Lo Zu, and said,

“Every time that I look east, the birds fly east, and every time that I look west, the birds fly west;

every time that I look up the birds fly up,

and every time that I look down, the birds fly down.  What does this mean?”

After a very long period of silence, Lo Zu, the great sage, finally answered,

“One must keep one’s mouth shut when inquiring within.”


They finally hatched!    🙂

Mourning Dove Fledglings… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018








Turning it’s back on Mother Earth… Haiku




[from Albert Einstein (1879-1955; physicist and Nobel Laureate):   “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”]     Write to your congressmen, vote wisely (instead of what you inherited), and demand change.


This Haiku doesn’t need a canto
because it’s just too damn small.
The U.S. is destroying the Environmental Protection Agency.



Tiny Things… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018




That Original Source




That original source, if it is to be discovered at all, must be seen firsthand (and directly).  Seeing it through the second-hand scraps of another — including me — is never seeing it at all.  The mind must be free of the contamination of others — the second-hand rubbish of others — for that seeing to take place.  That seeing — of that wholeness — may have nothing to do with visual perception whatsoever.  (Don’t be foolish enough and greedy enough to think that closing your eyes and sitting with crossed, pretzel-like legs will get you there!)  Regarding this, the mind must be free of all the hand-me-down knowledge and systems of others and be of a sweet, pristine, innocent purity.  However, even that is not enough, for the human mind cannot ever be totally spotless and original, and if that miraculous immeasurability ever occurs, it is not ever because one made it occur.  It is much too immense, intrinsically intelligent, and freely mysterious, to merely be a shoddy effect from some paltry human cause.  It is (though words are never the actual thing) an ineffable, sacred whole beyond mere causality.  So many charlatans write in books and blogs and talk in temples about what they “think” it is.  Additionally, many claim that it does not exist.  Beware of all others and find out for yourself.  Inquire with profound passion and never allow that passion to be quenched by mediocrity.  




Fungus on Forest Floor… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018






The Beauty of Timeless Psychological Negation



[Note:   Most people are afraid to die psychologically, so they are never really living.]




no method
no practice
no effort
no goal
no system
no beliefs
no process
no analysis
no past
no future
no present
no nation
no religion
no ideology
no “shoulds”
no wants
no opinion
no fear
no escapes
no thoughts
no me
no authority
no time
no tomorrow
no yesterday
no separation
no excuses
no them
no being
no becoming
no controller
no labeling
no indifference



Skipper Investigating… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018








Sensibility implies the capacity to feel.  Most of us can react according to the ways in which we were miseducated to react; not as many of us, unfortunately, really (fully, independently) feel.  Deep feeling usually does not take place when the mind is imprisoned in limited labels, categorizations, systems, and robotic practices.  The aforementioned patterns tend to dull the mind, rendering it more programmed and less likely to feel.  Psychological borders, such as those that take place between the observer and the observed, also tend to render dullness in the mind, making it far less likely for things like profound empathy to take place.

A truly intelligent mind that is beyond superficial borders, childish beliefs, and “learned patterns of separation,” may be capable of profound feeling (which is far beyond crass indifference).



Sweet Dreams… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018






A Listening Happened Just Today



A listening happened just today
     beyond the “shoulds” and frowns
 It curtsied and then ran away
     without the verbs and nouns

Then seeing came running past
     as lightning with the rain
All this will always ever die
     like laughter after pain

Then fragile touched a feeling thing
     as springtime slipped away
All this will always never die
     Whitman’s wink here to stay



Bumblebee Time… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018


A totally different dimension of mind…



A totally different dimension of mind can take place.  What nearly all people take to be reality is a far cry from what truly exists (beyond delusion).  Most are walking around oblivious to what is really possible.  They have accepted secondhand images, secondhand patterns, secondhand symbols, dissected labels, measurements, and cold statistics to be their reality; such reality is akin to taking shadows to be concrete substances, toys to be living things, silly iPhones messages to be substantive.  Even our images of self are essentially secondhand patterns that we have assimilated and absorbed.  Then, these images of self are involved with images of another (a spouse, for instance); one set of images is involved with what are considered images of another.  A (relationship between secondhand images of self and — then, also, down the road of psychological time — secondhand images of another) may largely be based on learned, sequential patterns (of recognition and categorization); such a programmed arrangement (based merely on absorbed patterns/symbols/images) may not be much of a relationship at all.  It is a relationship of secondhand patterns.  What kind of relationship is that?

Life is tremendously much more profound and deep than what learned symbolism, categorization, and information processing are involved with.  If you just stick to those three, that the previous sentence mentions, what you are is likely normal… but you certainly may not be what goes beyond the superficial.  People all throughout life are all too willing to tell you how to think, what to do, how to live.  So many, blogs included, want to give you spiritual templates, philosophical instructions.  There are infinite “expert non-experts” out there; just today, one saw a blog wherein the author stated that to fix our life problems, we have to find the right templates, the right instructions.  It may be, however, that real life is much too vast, flowing, multidimensional, and alive for any set of cooked-up “shoulds,” instructions, blueprints, or stale templates.   

You won’t be getting any die-hard templates from me.  It may be that the timelessness of real wisdom exists only when self-concocted effort and struggle cease (psychologically).  Such ceasing involves an ending that doesn’t take time, that doesn’t rely on blueprints, instructions, or processes.  Most, however, are frightened about psychologically coming to an end (i.e., about psychological dying); most continue to cling to potty little images of self.  Therein lies sorrow; the irony is that, without psychologically ending, their sorrow will never really end.   Many of us merely depend upon (and exist “as”) patterns and symbols.  Be certain here that we are not at all suggesting ending physically; physical existence is an opportunity and a privilege that can involve keen (unspoiled) awareness and dynamic flowering.  Physical death is not for me (except for the wonderful fossils that i collect).  Psychological dying, however, is a whole other ballgame.  The psychological dying to stale, secondhand, dead symbols and images is real living.


from E.E.Cummings:


dying is fine)but Death


wouldn’t like

Death if Death

when(instead of stopping to think)you

begin to feel of it,dying
’s miraculous

cause dying is

perfectly natural;perfectly
it mildly lively(but


is strictly
& artificial &

evil & legal)

we thank thee
almighty for dying
(forgive us,o life!the sin of Death


Wasp reflecting deeply… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018