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A totally different dimension of mind…



A totally different dimension of mind can take place.  What nearly all people take to be reality is a far cry from what truly exists (beyond delusion).  Most are walking around oblivious to what is really possible.  They have accepted secondhand images, secondhand patterns, secondhand symbols, dissected labels, measurements, and cold statistics to be their reality; such reality is akin to taking shadows to be concrete substances, toys to be living things, silly iPhones messages to be substantive.  Even our images of self are essentially secondhand patterns that we have assimilated and absorbed.  Then, these images of self are involved with images of another (a spouse, for instance); one set of images is involved with what are considered images of another.  A (relationship between secondhand images of self and — then, also, down the road of psychological time — secondhand images of another) may largely be based on learned, sequential patterns (of recognition and categorization); such a programmed arrangement (based merely on absorbed patterns/symbols/images) may not be much of a relationship at all.  It is a relationship of secondhand patterns.  What kind of relationship is that?

Life is tremendously much more profound and deep than what learned symbolism, categorization, and information processing are involved with.  If you just stick to those three, that the previous sentence mentions, what you are is likely normal… but you certainly may not be what goes beyond the superficial.  People all throughout life are all too willing to tell you how to think, what to do, how to live.  So many, blogs included, want to give you spiritual templates, philosophical instructions.  There are infinite “expert non-experts” out there; just today, one saw a blog wherein the author stated that to fix our life problems, we have to find the right templates, the right instructions.  It may be, however, that real life is much too vast, flowing, multidimensional, and alive for any set of cooked-up “shoulds,” instructions, blueprints, or stale templates.   

You won’t be getting any die-hard templates from me.  It may be that the timelessness of real wisdom exists only when self-concocted effort and struggle cease (psychologically).  Such ceasing involves an ending that doesn’t take time, that doesn’t rely on blueprints, instructions, or processes.  Most, however, are frightened about psychologically coming to an end (i.e., about psychological dying); most continue to cling to potty little images of self.  Therein lies sorrow; the irony is that, without psychologically ending, their sorrow will never really end.   Many of us merely depend upon (and exist “as”) patterns and symbols.  Be certain here that we are not at all suggesting ending physically; physical existence is an opportunity and a privilege that can involve keen (unspoiled) awareness and dynamic flowering.  Physical death is not for me (except for the wonderful fossils that i collect).  Psychological dying, however, is a whole other ballgame.  The psychological dying to stale, secondhand, dead symbols and images is real living.


from E.E.Cummings:


dying is fine)but Death


wouldn’t like

Death if Death

when(instead of stopping to think)you

begin to feel of it,dying
’s miraculous

cause dying is

perfectly natural;perfectly
it mildly lively(but


is strictly
& artificial &

evil & legal)

we thank thee
almighty for dying
(forgive us,o life!the sin of Death


Wasp reflecting deeply… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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    • He was in the garage, where i keep aquariums (not cars) and walking around on one of the glass aquarium tops. Not sure how on earth he got in! After the photo session, i gently picked him up with a paper towel and released him outside. I was very close to him with the camera and he never seemed to mind! 🙂


      • So not aggressive at all. I don’t know if you have an equivalent, but we have a small wasp known as the paper wasp, and it is very defensive of its territory so will swarm and continually sting, even waiting for you to come out of hiding. I speak from experience. Glad he was released. Thank you Tom.

      • My neighbor lady, who is a widow and can’t walk to get her mail, gets her mail taken into her house by me. There was a paper wasp nest on the garage right by where the code-box to open her big garage door is. I never had problems with them even though they had eggs and were on the nest watching carefully. I figured someone in the widow’s family would destroy the nest and, sure enough, they did. (There will be a photo of the nest in an upcoming posting; i post and schedule my stuff about a month ahead of time.)

  1. That is one amazing photo, fabulous detail! And elegance. 🙂 And I especially liked this part, “It may be that the timelessness of real wisdom exists only when self-concocted effort and struggle cease (psychologically).” It makes me somehow think of or feel something related to… being one with the oneness, the flow, and not separate from it and trying to control or be aware of it.


  2. Love the caption honoring your wasp (fantastic image!)
    Re templates and such … they serve a purpose (such as child learning how to behave in a classroom; adult learning the expected norms at a new job) but by and large, I think “growing up” requires shedding learned templates. And that can only happen if one begins to question … just about everything. Thanks for this good reminder to wonder at just about everything.


  3. Yes, Jazz, that caption honoring the wasp! If people would only reflect so deeply! 🙂
    There is a real art to questioning and very few have done it deeply enough. Unfortunately, what is cranked out of the mold of a distorted society is usually not able to ask the right questions and see clearly. What is created by the superficial usually is incapable of asking anything deep enough.


  4. The wasp is glad he landed at your place and not somewhere else where a quick swat would have been the end. Nice close-up of him; I’ve never been that close to a wasp before, bumble bees yes, and yellow jackets too.


    • Yes, he was lucky to be in our house and not in most others’. I used to keep bees, so am used to being up-close and personal. I’ve been stung by wasps. Once i had an ad in the paper for bee swarms (when they swarm in a ball and can be taken without being stung); but one lady called and, when i got there, it was wasps in a gourd! I agreed to remove them and put them in the woods where we live. They got through my protective hat-net and stung the living daylights out of my face! 🙂


      • Wow, we had a wasp in a window, found a tiny little hole on an outside window and it kept darting into that small hole. We had to use wasp spray which worked well as it has that nozzle that directs the spray right into the cavity. Yikes that you got stung so badly and on your face no less! We have people in Detroit who live in a penthouse apartment and on the roof, they have many hives and sell the honey as well. Quite a novelty in the middle of a big city!

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