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Cuddling with our Animal Friends




Many of my fellow bloggers
     have a close and wonderful
     relationship with the animals
     in their lives
     (whom they often photograph)…
     such as Scifi, Francis, Curious Introvert, 
     67steffen, and others, with their dogs;
     others with their cats,
      Linda with her pet-like squirrels,
      and others with their cuddly pets.
     So i tried to get close to one
     of my sweet photography subjects,
     a wonderful wasp.
     It stung the hell out of me!





I was just kidding about the sting… but i was so close to it that i could have kissed it!   🙂
I did get stung by a wasp (while just walking along by the riverside) a number of days after taking this photo, but i am so impervious to bee and wasp stings — i don’t even swell up whatsoever — that it meant nothing to me.  

Not so friendly wasp … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018






A totally different dimension of mind…



A totally different dimension of mind can take place.  What nearly all people take to be reality is a far cry from what truly exists (beyond delusion).  Most are walking around oblivious to what is really possible.  They have accepted secondhand images, secondhand patterns, secondhand symbols, dissected labels, measurements, and cold statistics to be their reality; such reality is akin to taking shadows to be concrete substances, toys to be living things, silly iPhones messages to be substantive.  Even our images of self are essentially secondhand patterns that we have assimilated and absorbed.  Then, these images of self are involved with images of another (a spouse, for instance); one set of images is involved with what are considered images of another.  A (relationship between secondhand images of self and — then, also, down the road of psychological time — secondhand images of another) may largely be based on learned, sequential patterns (of recognition and categorization); such a programmed arrangement (based merely on absorbed patterns/symbols/images) may not be much of a relationship at all.  It is a relationship of secondhand patterns.  What kind of relationship is that?

Life is tremendously much more profound and deep than what learned symbolism, categorization, and information processing are involved with.  If you just stick to those three, that the previous sentence mentions, what you are is likely normal… but you certainly may not be what goes beyond the superficial.  People all throughout life are all too willing to tell you how to think, what to do, how to live.  So many, blogs included, want to give you spiritual templates, philosophical instructions.  There are infinite “expert non-experts” out there; just today, one saw a blog wherein the author stated that to fix our life problems, we have to find the right templates, the right instructions.  It may be, however, that real life is much too vast, flowing, multidimensional, and alive for any set of cooked-up “shoulds,” instructions, blueprints, or stale templates.   

You won’t be getting any die-hard templates from me.  It may be that the timelessness of real wisdom exists only when self-concocted effort and struggle cease (psychologically).  Such ceasing involves an ending that doesn’t take time, that doesn’t rely on blueprints, instructions, or processes.  Most, however, are frightened about psychologically coming to an end (i.e., about psychological dying); most continue to cling to potty little images of self.  Therein lies sorrow; the irony is that, without psychologically ending, their sorrow will never really end.   Many of us merely depend upon (and exist “as”) patterns and symbols.  Be certain here that we are not at all suggesting ending physically; physical existence is an opportunity and a privilege that can involve keen (unspoiled) awareness and dynamic flowering.  Physical death is not for me (except for the wonderful fossils that i collect).  Psychological dying, however, is a whole other ballgame.  The psychological dying to stale, secondhand, dead symbols and images is real living.


from E.E.Cummings:


dying is fine)but Death


wouldn’t like

Death if Death

when(instead of stopping to think)you

begin to feel of it,dying
’s miraculous

cause dying is

perfectly natural;perfectly
it mildly lively(but


is strictly
& artificial &

evil & legal)

we thank thee
almighty for dying
(forgive us,o life!the sin of Death


Wasp reflecting deeply… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018


There are other alternatives…



We won’t ever have a clean, pristine planet if, for instance, fracking is more important for creating jobs and oil than green energy is for world health.


[Brown Paper Wasp… Polistes metricus.  They nourish themselves on nectar and pollen but also seek prey, consisting mostly of caterpillars, to nourish their colonies’ larvae (which reside in “paper-nests.”)]

Getting a little side-snack. Photo by Thomas Peace 2014

Getting a little side-snack. Photo by Thomas Peace 2014


[Multi-Photo] Words and mental images, being mere symbolic representations…






.     Words and mental images, being mere symbolic representations, cannot take you to the zenith of understanding.  What is limited can only go to a limited degree/extent.  



.   Eastern Yellow Jackets:

They prey on insects and spiders.  Their underground, globular paper nests, usually built in abandoned rodent burrows (it is said)… may contain as many as 5,000 workers and one queen.  The ones which I photographed were expanding their underground breeding chambers; you can see two of them each diligently carrying a huge clump of moist dirt!  [Double left click on the photo to get a closer look; hit left return arrow to return.]  I was precariously close — they deliver a vicious sting — but I used to keep bees… and all went well!  One could see that they were definitely aware of my presence; some were hovering next to my head, keeping a close eye on me.  I moved slowly and they allowed me to get rather close to their “woman cave.”


Raising a family isn't easy (1)... Eastern Yellow Jackets ... by Thomas Peace 2013

Raising a family isn’t easy (1)… Eastern Yellow Jackets … by Thomas Peace 2013

Raising a family isn't easy (2)... Eastern Yellow Jackets ... by Thomas Peace 2013

Raising a family isn’t easy (2)… Eastern Yellow Jackets … by Thomas Peace 2013