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That Original Source




That original source, if it is to be discovered at all, must be seen firsthand (and directly).  Seeing it through the second-hand scraps of another — including me — is never seeing it at all.  The mind must be free of the contamination of others — the second-hand rubbish of others — for that seeing to take place.  That seeing — of that wholeness — may have nothing to do with visual perception whatsoever.  (Don’t be foolish enough and greedy enough to think that closing your eyes and sitting with crossed, pretzel-like legs will get you there!)  Regarding this, the mind must be free of all the hand-me-down knowledge and systems of others and be of a sweet, pristine, innocent purity.  However, even that is not enough, for the human mind cannot ever be totally spotless and original, and if that miraculous immeasurability ever occurs, it is not ever because one made it occur.  It is much too immense, intrinsically intelligent, and freely mysterious, to merely be a shoddy effect from some paltry human cause.  It is (though words are never the actual thing) an ineffable, sacred whole beyond mere causality.  So many charlatans write in books and blogs and talk in temples about what they “think” it is.  Additionally, many claim that it does not exist.  Beware of all others and find out for yourself.  Inquire with profound passion and never allow that passion to be quenched by mediocrity.  




Fungus on Forest Floor… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018





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  1. Alone as it should be, if you are able to take courage—Alone. outside of the never ending wheel of explanations is where you find yourself. Alone is where you come to realize that yes, everyone else can be wrong, and for the first time in your life you can become yourself. The walls that divide crumble down and we finally become—us


  2. So dry there in your neck of the woods, and a fungus has grown … and you were there to capture it with your lens.


  3. “Inquire with profound passion and never allow that passion to be quenched by mediocrity.”

    THIS. I’m so tired of the mediocrity-worship that pervades certain academic institutions I’ve been to. How is the US ever going to improve if young, impressionable adults are constantly being discouraged from doing their best? Mindsets and behavior patterns that are acquired in the formative years are extremely difficult to unlearn later on.


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