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Further Beyond Spider Prejudice — Haiku



Eye see you still there
focusing on your sweet friend
with “I”s to no end



[Note:    Look at all the eyes along her cephalothorax!]

Fishing Spider… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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  1. Wow! so good picture. It’s a wild spider or a pet? Our biggest spider we have in Sweden is giant house spider, size of one this spiders leg!😁 I use to have them at home sometimes and I never kill a spider. I let them be, or take them out.


  2. Well Tom, I want to say he’s a cutie pie, but I’m just too darn scared of spiders to say that in honesty. But, I’m sure you captured his best side. 🙂 I had never heard of a fishing spider until a week or so ago, when a story made the CBS news about a massive fishing spider in Indiana. I had to Google to see what it looked like and find the story as well. I am sending it along in case you missed it. Just looking at the spider in this news story sent chills up my spine:


  3. Thanks for that article, Linda; very interesting! Now i’ll have to look for a 7 incher! We live on a river, so naturally, we see Fishing Spiders a lot more than others do. One time a huge one somehow got into our house. How it got in is beyond me because our house is sealed very well and is well built. I was watching television while lying on the floor. Marla was sleeping on a couch. I later briefly fell asleep for a few minutes and when i woke up i saw a huge Fishing spider right next to my bare legs. I had a huge pair of fang marks in my leg. I caught the spider in a jar and released it. It took awhile for those fang marks to finally disappear; (i mean weeks!) So far, i haven’t turned into Spiderman. 🙂


  4. Just last week I saw the largest jumping spider I’ve ever seen on one of the boats I was working on. He was tucked in a place where he apparently felt safe, since he didn’t jump, and I got a chance to look at him — and those eyes! — from about a foot away. No camera, but cameras aren’t always necessary!


  5. This is so clever! “I’s to no end”…I wish I thought of that!


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