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The Beauty of Timeless Psychological Negation



[Note:   Most people are afraid to die psychologically, so they are never really living.]




no method
no practice
no effort
no goal
no system
no beliefs
no process
no analysis
no past
no future
no present
no nation
no religion
no ideology
no “shoulds”
no wants
no opinion
no fear
no escapes
no thoughts
no me
no authority
no time
no tomorrow
no yesterday
no separation
no excuses
no them
no being
no becoming
no controller
no labeling
no indifference



Skipper Investigating… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018



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  1. No qualms! That’s how I try to live, because you never know when life is going to end, so you might as well live fully!


  2. I’m a little special. Have sure a few diagnoses.😁 I’m always honest and say what I think, good and bad. Does not matter who it is. I’m a person who sets up at least 100% for my friends, at any time, but of course have been blown by some “friends” a few times because I’m naive. But I never forget such somebody makes me feel bad, they get ten times back. I like to help others, it makes me feel good.


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