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The Story of Lo Zu and The Young Man



An inquisitive young man, along with some of his friends, went to Lo Zu, and said,

“Every time that I look east, the birds fly east, and every time that I look west, the birds fly west;

every time that I look up the birds fly up,

and every time that I look down, the birds fly down.Β  What does this mean?”

After a very long period of silence, Lo Zu, the great sage, finally answered,

“One must keep one’s mouth shut when inquiring within.”


They finally hatched!Β  Β  πŸ™‚

Mourning Dove Fledglings… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018







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  1. we apparently have similar tastes in images and wisdom literature


  2. Great photo – looking forward to progressive shots till they leave the nest! I’ll not worry too much which direction they fly …


  3. We’ve got lots of young birds about but I haven’t seen any young Mourning Doves yet. There’s a young White-breasted Nuthatch calling as I type this. I just spent an hour getting eaten by mosquitoes trying for shots of the Nuthatches but didn’t get a thing.


      • West Nile has been reported around here as has Lyme Disease. I normally use insect repellent as I have a nasty reaction Black Fly bites but as the Black Flies are almost over I’ve got a bit lax in using it.

        It’s also supposed to be a bad year for ticks but I’ve not had any. One of my favourite locations in Saskatchewan was so bad I used to stop counting after 20 ticks per visit.

  4. Good for you, leaving the birds now to grow. They certainly can be startled into danger. I suppose that’s one reason nest cams are increasingly used. Once the gear is in place, there’s no need to bother them any more.

    I enjoyed the koan-like story, and of course the image. The mention of ticks reminded me of one difference between roaming the prairies here, and doing the same in Missouri and Kansas. Here, people warn about rattlesnakes. There, I constantly was being warned about the ticks. I got one, too — what a surprise. Luckily, it wasn’t well attached, and the bites’s faded now.


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