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SubWay Diploma Haiku



[While at the local Subway, getting a vegetarian sub the other day, i noticed a framed “Subway Diploma” hanging on the wall where the employees were working; the following Haiku was inspired by that Diploma certificate.]


I worked so very hard
to get a diploma from Subway
but I just couldn’t cut the mustard



Insects on Wild Celery… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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  1. To be Haiku requires more than 3 lines. Syllables patterned 5 – 7 -2 are also needed. Perhaps just a tad too much green tint in the shot?


  2. What a bright, happy looking picture for my wary eyes to see on such a drismal day here! And, I love that you were getting a vegetarian sub!


  3. Absolutely delightful. I’ve not heard that expression about cutting the mustard for years — my dad used to use it from time to time.


  4. Ha ha – I started working at Kentucky Fried Chicken two weeks before graduating high school. It was not abbreviated “KFC” in those days as they did not have to have a name that did NOT sound like it was “deep fried” and fattening and would scare people from eating it … anyway, I told the manager I would be starting college in the Fall. He said he understood. Two weeks into the job I mentioned something about school to someone and he overheard me and said “school … what school – what do you mean … we need a permanent employee” … I said I told him about school and could only work part-time come September.

    He protested that he had taken the trouble to “train me” and I was given two weeks’ notice …, it was the best thing he could have done as I got a waitressing job at a diner where I thrived and loved the job and was no longer shy. But really ?! He taught me how to stick my arm into a plastic bag, dump mayo into a vat of coleslaw and reach in and swirl it around to mix it – ugh. And how to tell the different parts of a chicken and what to stuff into a barrel versus a bucket versus a snack pack. That is not difficult training. I don’t think the fast food workers today even need a food handler’s license judging from all the hepatitis outbreaks we are having in Michigan. It is downright scary.


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