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  1. Reminds me of the old Jimmy Buffett song about a “strange bird from a different nest.”. Granted, this isn’t a bird, but it’s close enough for the lyrics to apply.


    • Unfortunately, Scifi, its nest was not at our place but, rather, at our neighbor widow lady’s house. I, daily, take her mail and newspaper to her, from her rural mailbox, as she can’t walk well. The nest was at a corner of her big garage door, right near the code box to enter #s into to open the door. The mother wasp never tried to sting me and was very docile. I respected them. I figured that one of her children (now adults), when visiting, would destroy the nest. Sure enough, it happened. I feel very sorry for the wasps. One of our birdhouses, way by the river in our yard, currently has wasps in it. At least they will be safe! These are beautiful animals if looked at with a real intelligence. šŸ™‚


  2. My husband is highly allergic to their sting, so we won’t be joining
    their fan club. Glad you are a supporter, Tom!


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