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Sensibility implies the capacity to feel.  Most of us can react according to the ways in which we were miseducated to react; not as many of us, unfortunately, really (fully, independently) feel.  Deep feeling usually does not take place when the mind is imprisoned in limited labels, categorizations, systems, and robotic practices.  The aforementioned patterns tend to dull the mind, rendering it more programmed and less likely to feel.  Psychological borders, such as those that take place between the observer and the observed, also tend to render dullness in the mind, making it far less likely for things like profound empathy to take place.

A truly intelligent mind that is beyond superficial borders, childish beliefs, and “learned patterns of separation,” may be capable of profound feeling (which is far beyond crass indifference).



Sweet Dreams… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018





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  1. Nice post Tom and it got me to thinking, how this world could stand to exist as these two creatures in your pic…different creatures, same flowers and same goal in mind, and they get along together. Sadly, many people in this world are becoming desensitized to their surroundings.


    • Yes, one was just pondering, this morning, about how people could, here in the U.S.A. because of immigration policies, allow little children to be separated from their family. How sad that prejudice and callous indifference can allow such a thing. There are real monsters in this world, sad to say, and they call themselves humans. Many are desensitized for sure; just what an immoral government wants! The U.N. has called what the U.S. is doing illegal, but the U.S. is conveniently ignoring that.


  2. What a splendid photo, looks like a painting, wonderful dreamy detail, yet so real! 🙂 I have often wondered what feelings are, yes, beyond what we already know they are, surely, but the mystery of it all still stays with me somehow. Which can be… a nice feeling. : ))


    • Yes, good questioning, Nicole! 🙂 Some feelings are rather like thoughts, mostly reactions, repetitions, things we have learned; these are more in a relatively superficial range. They involve a conditioned response mechanicalness. There are other feelings, though, that magically transcend what we have been taught. They involve unfathomable depth, that depth being involved with a very deep mind. The later type of feeling is not merely what can be measured or taught.


  3. Very deep post. I was reminded of Shakespeare’s words, Tell me where is fancy bred/ Or in the heart or in the head.


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