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Hotter than Hell Today Haiku




They cling to guns to feel safe
while callously letting the environment go to hell.
It’s all really starting to smell.


[Note:  So sad that the U.S. is a country addicted to guns.  Even the children have taken up shooting each other.  On another note:  So many fly in jets to go on vacations to “beautiful places,”  or to take “beautiful” nature photos.  The carbon footprint of jet travel, for human beings, is unbelievably high, massively high; there is nothing beautiful about ruining the environment.  People who frequently go traveling around the world are admired by others, not by me.]


Our Dying Environment… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018






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  1. I find plenty to do and photograph right here. We have no car and don’t travel, except by bus or subway now and then.


  2. So sad and it seems not enough people care about the environment


  3. The only thing I shoot with is my camera! I’m with you Tom on not being impressed about globetrotters polluting! I am not one of those people, most of my pics are taken on walks, and we also pick up garbage on our walks. I’ve always told my kids that litter bugs are jerks!


  4. I live in Alberta, Canada. I have never traveled outside the country. I believe there is so much to see and do in my own country and on the North American continent. Truthfully, I would like to travel and see some of the far off places I have only viewed online or in magazines, but at the same time the carbon footprint does worry me. And so I will stay and wander the wild places close at hand. There is beauty all around us, if only we have eyes to see.


  5. Tom, you are right as usual. We have both commented in the past that we are slowly killing our planet. Too many people live in the here and now and just don’t care about the future of the world.


  6. Very sad about our gun culture, for sure, and the lack of concern for the environment, too. While I do occasionally travel by air, I am more of a homebody. Carbon pollution is just one of many pertinent issues. Plastics are a real problem. The decimation of habitat to build second, third, fourth homes for the rich is a problem. Concrete and asphalt dividing up the landscape is a problem. We should all strive to live more simply. Eat more vegetables and less processed food. Be kind to the earth!


  7. I totally agree with you, Tom. I feel guilty about the RV but for the reason that I can’t afford the utility bills in the desert during the summer months and so there for we travel. You can see evidence of climate change with the trees and wildfires. We are in for challenging times. I am appreciative I don’t and won’t have grandchildren’s


  8. I can understand humankind’s interest in other places, particularly the renowned: Grand Canyon, The Kremlin, Rome, Venice, Paris. Once we read about these things in books, and rarely, folks would go in person to see them.
    Now it seems like planning a day at the beach, only the whole family needs to fly to a beach 3,000 miles away.
    It’s not only the environmental impact, it’s just wasteful.
    And now, with high definition streaming video on demand, there is no place in the world (and, in fact, beyond), no landmark, no event that I cannot view from the comfort of home.
    There’s something else in there I have difficulty putting into words. It’s a little like the “moral of the story” in The Wizard of Oz. There are so many things to see nearby, in your home country, your home province, your own town. Do we really need to fly far away to feel we have properly “vacationed”?

    Seek peace,



  9. I’m one of those travelers who go to far flung countries. I realize that airplanes pollute, but I am an environmentalist. I respect the people, flora and fauna of all the places we visit. I don’t litter. We are rated “very good” compared to our neighbors in electricity use. All of our electricity comes from wind power, at my request (we were given that option). I am not trying to justify what I do, but I think it is possible to travel and respect the environment at the same time.


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