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Our Internet is Down and Broken… & my Apologies…



Our internet has been down a few days.  That is why i have not been responding to you guys, interacting, liking your blogs, or responding to your comments (which i apologize for).  They finally got it going again but our rural-area computer wouldn’t work with the new system and so they got it going for us with a very antiquated, dial-up-cretaceous system.  It is so slow that i have to wait a very long time just for one picture to download!  The internet service provider promised me that they would come back with a fast system for us again (but that they would have to order it and didn’t know how long that would take.) 

So, in the meantime, i will not even try to visit other blogs or do much online (unless it temporarily starts working faster, which one doubts will happen).  I schedule my blog postings about a month in advance, so my blog posts will continue to appear.  I will probably not — while this is super-slow internet is happening — continue to try to schedule many posts in advance, though i may continue with the mindfulness-philosophical prose stuff on Sundays, as i feel a responsibility to keep the significance of that going.   (If i do, i will probably use images already used and existing in my WordPress media file, since it would be near impossible to upload at this point.)  Hopefully, things will get back to technologically normal soon, and all of this will be just a bad memory!  🙂   Thanks much, all of you!   🙂  



Mushrooming Love (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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  1. Hi Tom.
    I hope they can resolve this for you as soon as possible. In the mean time enjoy the electronic detox.


  2. I SO sympathize. I live way our in a forest in steep ridges and arrow valleys. I paid big bucks for an antenna to string upstairs and can get a phone signal that my Wi-Fi can pick up – usually, unless it’s cloudy. I would not trade the peace of this place for town, though.


  3. I had dial-up from 1996 to 2013 so I know what you’re going through. I hope you get back to roadrunner speed soon!


  4. Hang in there. For a while we had the longest distance wireless system in South East Asia at 14 k. We no longer hold the record but we still are slow.


  5. Tom I’m typing this slow so it will download to you. Hope you get sorted soon, been typing this for fifteen minutes. 😁
    Hope you get up to speed soon my friend.


  6. So sorry to hear this. As for technology, to borrow a line from David Bowie, “When it’s good really good and when it’s bad I go to pieces.” Looking forward to when you’re back up and running at normal speed again. xo


  7. My sympathies with your frustrations..
    I am into summer travels and each new campground has its own variety of limitation with online access … amplified by using an old out-dated laptop.
    Meanwhile, practicing patience 😌


  8. I struggle with similar difficulties — best blessings on your renewed viability soon! If it doesn’t come, consider posting using a mobile phone, the data stream and the WP app. That’s how I’ve done more posts than not — they’ve done a great job developing it & believe it or not it’s a cush experience. Best of luck, my brother


  9. How easily we can all identify with you Tom – it shows how dependent we are on our internet provider and we wish we could say they never disappoint. I thought you were on vacation and know you have said in the past that you post in advance. Hope you return to normal soon It was kind of you to alert us. We’d be wondering why no nice comments on our respective posts from you.


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