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Insights or Non- (Chapter 2)



Intelligently go beyond what everyone has ever taught you about anything.  Reality is totally different from what society has thought it to be.

Much secondhand thought — and all thought is residual and secondhand — is an impediment to receiving direct insight, direct perception.

The caring, intelligent mind recycles and helps to keep our oceans more free of polluting plastics and unnatural debris.  The other kind of mind just doesn’t care.

True joy is walking through the woods, silently listening and effortlessly watching  — without separation — the creatures of nature. 

Forget beliefs!   Find out!

A closed mind, like a closed flower bud, isn’t there yet.

In compassion, there is no separate “you” and “I.”

Little birds who don’t joyfully tweet at the morning return of the rising sun… we call atheists.

Action and understanding are sometimes beautifully, wholly, one and the same thing; mere reaction, darkly, is not usually what involves deep understanding.


[Note:  Photograph is of tiny Spring Beauty Wildflowers (Claytonia virginica) in a wooded area.  Each flower is about 8 mm. (1/3″) across when it is fully open, consisting of 5 petals, 2 green sepals, 5 stamens with pink anthers, and a pistil.  The petals are white with fine pink stripes; these stripes vary from pale pink to bright pink.]


Spring Beauty Wildflower (Claytonia virginica)… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018



Critters Pictures Haiku




People don’t realize that I
take all my photos without a camera.
Photographic memory, you see.



[Note:  This is a shot of an Ivory Mystery Snail and some Painted Fire Red Shrimp in one of my aquariums.  I breed both the snails and the shrimp.  It is so cool about how the snails and shrimp get along with each other so well!  The snails often rise up to expose more of their bodies to the shrimp… in order to get groomed and get little parasites or debris taken off by the shrimp.  I’ll have to get a shot of that sometime! ]

Ivory Mystery Snail and Painted Fire Red Shrimp… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018


Fear, Understanding, and Compassion




If psychological fear occurs and one tries to avoid that fear by indulging in all kinds of escapes, then the fear is never understood.  If one tries to suppress or subjugate the fear, then the fear is never fully understood… one is too busy being in conflict with it.   If fear arises and one has ideals about oneself being fearless, then those mental ideations prevent one from actually seeing the fear completely (because ideals and learned principles are getting in the way).  So, when fear arises, merely labeling it as something negative, or merely judging it in a “thumbs down” kind of way, clouds the full perception of the fear with secondary, learned reactions concerning it or against it.  Fear can only be profoundly understood when it is seen without extraneous factors, without learned reactions “about it.”  

Additionally, if the fear is merely seen fragmentarily, from a (learned) mental distance, then it will not be fully dealt with without friction and conflict.  Fear may not at all be what you have; fear (when it occurs) is what one actually is.  When there is no crass distance between the fear and some accepted, supposed center, then (and only then) can there be understanding without friction, without conflict; that understanding can be whole and of great intelligence.   The perceiver is not, psychologically, separate from the perceived.   So, the next time fear,  jealousy,  greed, or indifference show up in (and “as”) consciousness, can they be observed without prejudice, without merely labeling them, without denying them, without merely categorizing them with additional reactions (positive or negative), including reactions involving a separative space between the perceiver and that which is perceived?  Only then can deep learning and understanding take place.

You can’t understand something fully if you have no true relationship with it.  A relationship based on shadow-like ideals, concocted distance, and a learned and admired (though false) center, is really no relationship at all.  True and lasting compassion can only take place when real relationship exists. 


[Note:  The following two photos are of early spring beginnings of mushrooms.  The lower photo is of the mycelium which is, by and far, the main body of the mushroom (which grows underground).  The mushrooms we see above ground are merely the small, fruiting parts of the organism.  Mycelium — much like a neural network — in some mushrooms can spread for miles and connect with tree roots and other plants, trading nutrients and communication signals with them.  (See the movie Avatar.)  My theory is that primitive lichen, as a combination of molds and algae working symbiotically with each other… may have later evolved over time into these seemingly separate (but very connected) mushrooms-trees-and-plants.  The diminutive Lemon Drop Fungi (Bisporella citrina) are fruiting body parts of the mushroom; the Mycelium pictured are from these Lemon Drops.  The Lemon Drops are very small, each being only 1mm to 2mm in diameter.  Refer to the following blog for further interesting information on Mushrooms: ]


Mushroom Primordia Caps… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

Mushroom Mycelium… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018



The Poem of the Turning of the Key



Once, I was the key and the turning of the key
Once, I was the lock and the unlocking of the lock
Once, I was the door and the opening of the door
Once, I was the light and the seeing of the light

             However, when the light was really seen,
             when the door was really opened,
             when the lock was really unlocked,
             when the key was really found:

There was no “I,” just the turning of the key
There was no “I,” just the unlocking of the lock
No “I” was there, just the opening of the door
No petty “I” was there, just seeing and infinite illumination



[Note:  This is another close-up of some Lichen on a small Oak branch.  I continue to suspect that the close symbiotic relationship between primitive algae and primitive fungus… such as in Lichen, tended to continue — because of its very advantageous aspects — throughout evolution with the higher evolved trees and mushrooms.  That is why, today, we are discovering that mushrooms and trees (and many other plants) share communication and nutrients with each other underground (even over vast distances).]

Lichen on small Oak branch… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018


Love…Beyond measurement




The mind, for many, is incessantly measuring things, comparing, acquiring, accumulating and labeling.  Can the mind, without a continuing effort — which isn’t laziness — simply perceive without all those things habitually going on mentally?  Measuring and labeling have their place but there is also a time when they are not necessary and, if still used, are merely habitual and robotic in essence.  Total separation, between the “perceiver” and “that which is perceived,” demands measurement, requires a type of psychological wall and resistance.   Resistance occurs as an opposing force.  If you separate yourself from all other life forms, that is a form of resistance, a manifestation of conflict.   Indifference and conflict go hand in hand; there is so much of it in the world these days.

Perceiving without separation is not what most people are involved with.  Perceiving with (and “as”) the standard norms (that were taught), because of the conflict, because of the resistance, because of the robotic repetitiveness of it all, leads to depression and psychological suffering; then many turn to drugs or alcohol as an escape (which really is no escape at all).  There is an order that goes beyond all this.  Mere measurement does not take one to that order.  It is not within the realm of accumulating or acquiring, (yet so many are willing to pay money for instructions or systems to get there).  

Its beauty includes its being beyond mere accumulation and “getting.”  You can’t obtain what is beyond mundane getting, having, and measuring.  Real love is not merely a product of accumulation; however, if one is very fortunate, non-fragmented, and serious, it is there (beyond measure).  If one merely remains within the mental realm of getting, having, and measuring, one will stay miserable and secondhand (though one may erroneously think that one is doing marvelously).  Deep awareness and profound psychological transformation are not a matter of time.  Measuring and accumulation take time.


[A variety of crust fungus, Milk White Toothed Polypore (Irpex lacteus) seems to have “teeth” that, in actually, are tubes or pores in the spore-bearing surface which break apart with age and become tooth-like.  This is a very small fungus; it was on a small, dead tree branch; the pictured portion was around one centimeter long.]


Milk White Toothed Polypore Fungus… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018




That Eternal Visitor




It came when we weren’t expecting it to come
             beyond the moonlit glow
It came when we weren’t expecting it to come
             beyond the realm of know
It came when we weren’t expecting it to come
             such bliss energy and love
It came when we were not existing separately
             that eternal immeasurability from above




Budding Beginnings… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018





Garden Helpers Haiku



Gardening is easy.
It’s pollinating that’s hard.
It’s not just the bees!  


[Note:  After photographing this Ladybug, one noticed that, while covered in pollen, she was frantically intent on getting on to the next, adjacent flower.  There aren’t many of their aphid insect prey targets around in early spring; eating pollen and helping pollen producers is a wise alternative.]



Beetle Pollination… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018


Insights or Non- (Chapter 1)




Most people are heavily conditioned by all kinds of absurd beliefs that divide them and that cause havoc in the world, especially beliefs involving nationalism, religion, politics, (and even science).  To question all beliefs, and to intelligently go beyond them, may be true wisdom.

First thing in the warm spring mornings, many birds sprightly sing to the joy of the new day, to the returning sun, and to the exhilaration of sharing! 

If many folks had Pinocchio noses, their heads would be perpetually tilted by the weight of their answers.

If you exercise the mind but not the body you are cheating a very significant and important part of what you are.

True divinity does not usually interfere with the natural laws of the cosmos… and that noninterference is, in a very real way, an expression of deep compassion.

On their way to the endearing burning candle of society’s tradition, people who look at the contrast between moths and themselves need not ignore the contrast within the moths themselves.

Divinity — though it happens very rarely in the very insane world of man — may enter and visit a very innocent mind… not ever the other way around.

Unfortunately, one doesn’t need to have “right education,” wisdom, halfway decent genetics, or even compassion, to be a parent.

Normality is a common type of insanity.

The truly intelligent human being is a blessing, not a malediction, in the lives of others and regarding the health of Mother Earth.




Desmia subdivisalis moth… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018


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