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The Poem of the Turning of the Key



Once, I was the key and the turning of the key
Once, I was the lock and the unlocking of the lock
Once, I was the door and the opening of the door
Once, I was the light and the seeing of the light

             However, when the light was really seen,
             when the door was really opened,
             when the lock was really unlocked,
             when the key was really found:

There was no “I,” just the turning of the key
There was no “I,” just the unlocking of the lock
No “I” was there, just the opening of the door
No petty “I” was there, just seeing and infinite illumination



[Note:  This is another close-up of some Lichen on a small Oak branch.  I continue to suspect that the close symbiotic relationship between primitive algae and primitive fungus… such as in Lichen, tended to continue — because of its very advantageous aspects — throughout evolution with the higher evolved trees and mushrooms.  That is why, today, we are discovering that mushrooms and trees (and many other plants) share communication and nutrients with each other underground (even over vast distances).]

Lichen on small Oak branch… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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  1. Corporate and political systems can learn much from eco systems and such symbiotic relationships. Sadly in my experience they never do!


  2. We have much to learn from lichen … connectivity … slow growth … patience, alas, does not bode well in modern human dynamics. Your poem’s truth is hard for many to swallow, let alone achieve. But you make a strong case!


  3. They certainly adorn that small oak branch – I tend to forget they are magnified when I look at your lichen photos.


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