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  1. wonderful photo and haiku, Thomas. Hope you get some rain soon. Could send you some. Regards Mitza


  2. Interesting lichens … lava flow of lichen is very clever. I continue to be amazed at the lava flow in Hawaii. That moving molten lava was so incredible to watch and I cannot imagine boulders shooting out the size of refrigerators. Again, as we discussed on my blog … nature, not just for wildlife, but in general, is amazing but cruel sometimes. Who would have thought this paradise could suddenly be so dangerous and deadly?


    • This posting was written and was prescheduled before the occurrence of the Hawaiian eruptions. Hawaii was created by volcanic eruptions, so the same process continuing is a very likely scenario. They can get far more dangerous than what is occurring recently though. Scientists think that some of the earth’s mass extinctions were caused by volcanic activity. I feel very bad for the people and wildlife in Hawaii. Yellowstone National Park is one, super-massive volcano; it blows every so often. When (not if) it does erupt, large portions of the U.S. will have massive extinction events. I sure hope that it doesn’t happen any time soon.


      • I feel badly for those people as well and their plight, as well as the nature and wildlife’s plight, seems interspersed with the daily news events, only being highlighted any more when it is a “low news day” but the photos of what is going on are mind boggling. I have never been to Yellowstone National Park, but I have seen pictures of Old Faithful. What a sad event that would be for such a beautiful nature venue if it has a massive eruption. I hope it does not come to fruition any time soon after seeing the devastation in Hawaii. It seems to me that there have been many devastating natural disasters the past few years.

  3. Such a fine photo, and what a coincidence that it was planned before the eruption. There are so many aspects of life on this planet that aren’t seen as “lively” at all. We’re living atop a dynamic, swirling fireball, and never think of it until a volcano erupts. In the same way, we see lichen and often don’t consider that they, too, are living. I don’t think the lichens are likely to erupt, but who knows what they might be plotting?


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