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  1. Lol. Wonderful photo. I had a mate who if they encountered a spider would freak out, phobic, panic, it wasn’t funny for him, but then we do have two very poisonous spiders here so I guess it makes some sense.


  2. Most phobias occur below the level of conscious awareness. Whether of heights, spiders, snakes, or pomegranates. They can be addressed, but it usually takes a somatic approach to loosen the body reflex. Spiders don’t bother me at all, but I have a number of clients who struggle. Interestingly, as their general level of trauma activation reduces, their reactivity around whatever they are phobic of also decreases. Beautiful photo!


  3. He looks almost “pettable” with soft hair like a kitten (wow, did I really say that?) A jumping spider I can deal with; its the creepy-looking ones with the juicy bodies and thick legs that send me into a tailspin. Them and their multi-legged centipede friends. Millipedes I’m cool with … they move the same pace as me. I don’t like anything that moves faster than I do.


      • Oh my goodness – I didn’t know millipedes got that big! I can deal with them, the normal-sized ones, when I see them in the basement, but not those centipedes. I am terrified of them.

  4. And they’re smart little fellas. I just read that scientists trained a jumping spider to leap at different distances and different heights on command! Great photo…


  5. Although this sounds outrageous, I fear it is contagious. A woman sees a spider, screams, so does the one beside her.


    • I beg to differ, equipsblog. I am a woman and I love spiders. If people were to take the time to study them they would see they are caring mothers, amazing artists, and extremely diverse creatures. We shouldn’t fear creatures just because they are different from us! A few extra legs and eyes aren’t that bad, right? πŸ˜‰


  6. Wow, what a striking image! The spider looks very powerful up close. What equipment did you use?


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