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Garden Helpers Haiku



Gardening is easy.
It’s pollinating that’s hard.
It’s not just the bees!  


[Note:  After photographing this Ladybug, one noticed that, while covered in pollen, she was frantically intent on getting on to the next, adjacent flower.  There aren’t many of their aphid insect prey targets around in early spring; eating pollen and helping pollen producers is a wise alternative.]



Beetle Pollination… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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  1. Beautiful shades of pink on that flower (tulip?) and I like the ladybug as well … it looks close enough to stick my finger out in the hope that it will climb aboard and I can make a wish.


      • I thought it was a tulip … pretty color Tom. My father planted tulips the first year we moved here … in the Spring one tulip bloomed and he figured the squirrels got the rest of them. The neighbors across the street had a row of tulips and daffodils for decades and they bloomed without a hitch every Spring (til the owners died and new owners rototilled the gardens – SMH). I’ll be happy to make a “rain wish” or a “rain dance” for you or give you our rain … we have rain and/or storms forecast later today through Sunday.

  2. The combination of the red flower and red lady beetle is wonderful. I’d never thought about ladybugs having to wait for the aphids to show up — good that they have the pollen (and no doubt other things) to help them out in the meantime.


  3. Your ladybugs look quite different to ours and up to now I didn’t see any here. Have a nice Sunday, kind regards Mitza


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