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Insights or Non- (Chapter 1)




Most people are heavily conditioned by all kinds of absurd beliefs that divide them and that cause havoc in the world, especially beliefs involving nationalism, religion, politics, (and even science).  To question all beliefs, and to intelligently go beyond them, may be true wisdom.

First thing in the warm spring mornings, many birds sprightly sing to the joy of the new day, to the returning sun, and to the exhilaration of sharing! 

If many folks had Pinocchio noses, their heads would be perpetually tilted by the weight of their answers.

If you exercise the mind but not the body you are cheating a very significant and important part of what you are.

True divinity does not usually interfere with the natural laws of the cosmos… and that noninterference is, in a very real way, an expression of deep compassion.

On their way to the endearing burning candle of society’s tradition, people who look at the contrast between moths and themselves need not ignore the contrast within the moths themselves.

Divinity — though it happens very rarely in the very insane world of man — may enter and visit a very innocent mind… not ever the other way around.

Unfortunately, one doesn’t need to have “right education,” wisdom, halfway decent genetics, or even compassion, to be a parent.

Normality is a common type of insanity.

The truly intelligent human being is a blessing, not a malediction, in the lives of others and regarding the health of Mother Earth.




Desmia subdivisalis moth… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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  1. Normality is a good trait – too few normal people around these days and it scares me. The moth is beautiful, your photo brings out its iridescent brown powder on its wings.


    • People, these days have deviated… in terms of such issues as open sexual gender preferences, or hairstyles, or tattoo usage and such. That is not at all what i am referring to. Essentially those people, Linda, who you say “scare you,” i feel, are not much different from those whom you think are more traditional. None of them have a significant clue about deep reality and so (however radical they may seem) are just the same as “everybodyelse,” which is so very sad. Sure, in many respects many may seem radical or different but, in the basic, common misconceptions of things, they are dreadfully the same. I am suggesting that very few people in existence, so far, in terms of the cadaverous normality that i am referring to, have ever transcended beyond it.


  2. “Normality is a common type of insanity” is worth a ponder … being normal is one thing, but adopting behaviors and beliefs on the assumption that if that many people think so, it must be “normal” would indeed be a type of insanity… There is just no clear measure of “normal” (let alone consensus on what that might be) and if there were, it would be in constant flux. The only thing we can be certain of is change. (Along with resistance to change.)


    • Of course, one is not suggesting that we go around measuring ourselves regarding “normality.” As you say, there is no clear measure of “normal.” However, people fully see something fundamentally profound or they do not. If people are psychologically blinded by blind beliefs and misconceptions — walking around blind — one isn’t, if one is perceptive and compassionate, going to tell them to carry on and continue with their habitual ways.
      The world is full of the normality that has not seen the profundity of something; and the same world (of man) is functioning (to a large extent) chaotically, with conflict, friction, and irrational behavior… taking mere symbols, mere shadows to be reality. That is insanity.


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