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  1. Remind me of the kid joke: what’s worse than a millipede with sore feet? A giraffe with a sore throat. Stay tuned for the elephant jokes


  2. I’ve only seen one of these in my life. I rolled over a dead and rotting log, and there he was — big, too! I “yeeeeeeeeked” and the rolled his log back in place, very carefully.


  3. hehe, if that’s a woman, it’s gonna be very expensive, have a nice day, Thomas, regards Mitza


  4. Tell your multi-legged friend who lives in the terrarium in your garage, to wait for the buy one/get one free sale. 🙂


  5. My goodness, I wouldn’t want the bill for his shoes!! 👟👞👟👞👟👞👟 😊


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