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Hidden Profundity Uncurling Haiku… (or the Perceiver is the Perceived)



“How could so few words
have any profound meaning?”
the Haiku poem reads.



Uncurling Fern… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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  1. A sure sign of Spring – next you have to capture a series of photos, like time-lapse photography to watch the fern unfurl.


      • That’s too bad … maybe next year? Yes, Spring was a disappointment and, even though I complained about Winter and the chilly Spring, we now have temps that may reach near-record or record levels for heat this weekend, and that will touch off torrential rain and raucous thunderstorms once again. I was not ready for all this heat all of a sudden – whew! I took some photos of mushrooms yesterday and thought of you – hopefully they turn out.

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