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  1. beautiful words and photo, the first butterflies are always something special. We had much more different kinds of butterflies in the last years, now only very few, unfortunately. How is it in the USA? Regards Mitza


    • I’ve noticed less and less each year. The bees, though, are increasing in numbers around here, which is great! 🙂
      When i was putting a Disney video movie in for the birds to watch, Scarlet (our other parrot) — when i showed them the DVD case cover — said, “I already saw that one.” 🙂


      • Great that the population of bees increases in the USA, here they get less and might be caused by a company that produces poison.
        Your birds are too funny. You must show this on youtube, hehe

  2. Beautiful – welcome butterflies! I saw a cabbage white this morning flitting around the front yard, maybe checking out all the new dandelions there?!


  3. Mostly I’ve been seeing some pale blue (small) butterflies flitting about, but can’t seem to catch them sitting still for a portrait. One continues to hope or try…


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