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Covid-19 and the Future (continued)


Stay safe and be cautious and prudent in this current viral crisis. This thing will likely be around for a long time. Additionally, in this polluted world, more deadly viruses will be coming. Unfortunately, our government officials are superficially looking at things fragmentarily and are not seeing things holistically with a lot of insight. In the U.S., for instance, i feel that Trump is adding to the nightmare of this. I am basically an apolitical person, but what i see this non-compassionate, narcissistic man doing is horrifying. My friends in other countries are equally horrified with the current U.S. administration, and with good reason. It’s like a horror movie. He has a cult-following around him and, while people are dying, he talks about his ratings. He promotes and endorses racism and he is dismantling just about everything that President Obama did in the past… including (recently) the drastic weakening (i.e., ending) of an Obama-era fuel economy standard that made new cars more fuel-efficient and more environmentally friendly.  This will increase pollution while the world wrestles with a respiratory virus pandemic (that Trump had called a hoax) and a climate crisis. (Is a deadly-polluted world really the legacy that you want to leave your kids?) Then there is the drastic cutting of Social Security and Medicare, putting kids in cages, being puppets for the fossil fuel industry, and the GOP’s diabolical suppression of voting in many states. This is an immoral society and we are allowing ourselves to be bamboozled by extremely immoral so-called leaders. Personally, if you subscribe to such nefarious stuff, i would prefer it if you unfollowed this blog and stayed away. Such nefarious behavior is a danger to mankind and the animal and plant kingdoms. Besides, subscribing to such drivel certainly nullifies any chance of ever being visited by that sacred, holistic energy; its order and vast intelligence does not visit the disorderly, the visionless.

I highly recommend watching Dr. John Campbell’s (daily) videos on the coronavirus. (One of his wonderful and very helpful videos that i especially like is provided below. He is from England, and one meter equals around 3.3 feet.) He is a top-notch medical expert (now retired). We all need to talk more about population limitation, healthy environmental measures, and living cooperatively. And please donate, as i did, to your local food bank (in these very difficult times).

Stay safe!

Easter Eggs (kind of)… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2020

Spring and the Mind




Spring involves renewal, growth, and new life.  The mind can be like spring… growing, blossoming, becoming more alive and vibrant.  That cannot happen if the mind remains like the frozen, hard crystals of winter, clinging with coldness and frozen in rigid beliefs, dogmas, and ideologies.   The truly blossoming mind must be alive, unassuming, dynamic, perceptive, flexible, and truly vibrant.  Those set in their ways may be like dead concrete, full of stale blindness toward life as it really is.  

Deep perception and compassion are not two separate things.  Profound (alive) insight and psychologically dying to stale beliefs are not two separate things.  



Hyacinth with Early Spring Insect … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019




Spring Beauty




Spring Beauty
you are always
(timelessly there)
and so amazingly new
in your selfless sharing

You help make the woodlands
simply magical
Your fragility
transcends transience
with joyous eternity



[Note:   The common name for this Illinois woodland wildflower is Spring Beauty.  The entire width of the flower is less than 1/2 inch (around one centimeter wide).  This wildflower is still rather common throughout Illinois.  It, fortunately, can survive more environmental disruption than most wildflowers.  Its eternal essence has nothing to do with its persistence in Illinois or elsewhere.]


Spring Beauty … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019


Psychological Order and the fictitious “Center of Control”…



Sorry to be harping on this but it is a serious thing that needs attention, despite all the avoidance that miseducated people have regarding it.  As was mentioned in previous postings, when one was very young, one had a Raggedy Ann type of doll whom one carried around as a great, first-rate pal.  Then, one day, one came to the realization that the charming, smiling doll was not a real, living friend; it was fabric, stuffing, and such.  It was quite a shock at first but then one got over it very quickly (finding other interests and discovering nature).  Later in life, perception concerning the ego, or “me,” was much the same thing.  Let us say, metaphorically, that a man carries a stick around (never letting it go and even sleeping with it) day after day, month after month, year after year — just as others taught him to do — all the while believing that it was his central self, or “I,” or “me.”  Stick would feel that everything decided upon and done by thinking was what emanated (or originated) from “stick.”  Stick would be thought of to be the core essence of what one was and any suggestion to “let go” of “stick” would be construed of as utter nonsense.  Letting go of what seems to be the core of one’s essence (and means of control) would seem ludicrous and unimaginable.

The human organism can function beautifully with great harmony, insight, bliss, eternity, and order without clinging to the taught concept of an isolated/controlling “me” or “I.”  Most everyone in society, now, has a concrete ego, isolated self, a “me” that they ardently cling to, just as has been done eons ago by our primitive ancestors.  Actually look at society as it is now — with all of these “me”s and egos — with all of its chaos, wars, crimes, dishonesty, and pollution.  We must change.  We must grow beyond this nonsense.   In previous posts, one wrote about the brain as being like two halves of a walnut… and about how certain surgeries splitting these two halves — by severing the corpus callosum — left each half not knowing what the other half was thinking.  So, in actuality, two fields of consciousness were produced from one field, via advanced surgery (in living human subjects).  Times and evidence have changed; yet so many of us continue to cling to the erroneous (primitive) notion of a central “I,” a central “me” or controller.  For a very long time now, one — when thinking, instead of using the term “I,” — has been using the words of “this movement.”  Of course, for the most part in this primitive culture, one doesn’t verbally say “this movement,” instead of “I,” when actually talking to people.

“I”, “me,” and the notion of a “central controller” are all products of thought (fabrications of thought) either learned or inherited by our culture over millions of years.  “Me” depends upon (and is) a product of thought.  Clinging to that is like perpetually clinging to a little stick, fabric doll, or shadow.  Going beyond that is wisdom that does not preclude joy, bliss, insight involved with the eternal, and harmony.  On the contrary, obstinately clinging to that creates guaranteed disharmony, sorrow, and separation.  Ignorance is:  Me separate from man or so-called others.  Me separate from the environment.  Me separate from “my fears.”  Me separate from “my desires.”  Me separate from “my thoughts.”  “My religion, my country” separate from others.  (It is all so immature and involves separation that feeds conflict, friction, and endless turmoil.)  

People will read this — or will not care to read it — and go on in their standard, ordinary ways.  Even those who claim to be employing sophisticated forms of zen or meditative techniques are additionally subtly entrapped via endlessly clinging to the “me” or “central controller” in many surreptitious ways.  The brain engages in all kinds of subtle or unconscious tricks to maintain the existence of a supposed central controller who is domineering (even though no such center really exists).  One has seen this, time and time again, in many so-called “wise” others… (who have really not changed fundamentally whatsoever).  Going beyond this doesn’t demand sophisticated methods, stratagems, or meditative techniques that take time.  This demands facing something that people absolutely do not want to face; additionally, it demands going into and beyond the root of conditioning.  Most don’t really want to be bothered.  However, actual order can only come about when real seriousness exists, beyond mere fabrications.   The stick is dead; it is not part of the living tree; it is not the whole.  The whole is living and is not what symbolic thought is capable of.  An immoral, violent, primitive society has given you a stick to depend upon.  Are you still endlessly carrying it around?  Are you still relying on it, depending on it?  (Actually, it is a virtual image, a symbol that we have taken to be something real — which is even less than a dead stick — but we won’t elaborate any longer at this point.)  Profound compassion is, on the other hand, real and living; profound compassion goes far beyond mere symbols, images, and borders.



Ringo Starr… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018


See what we mean in Spring…




I’ve hunted with camera in many a spring rain
Seen oodles of pleasure in life… and rivers of pain
Focused on creatures… including the very small
Lived with plants and animals, loving them all

This movement liked to shoot diminutive creatures really up-close
And smiled when a spider’s lens did perfectly expose
Realized that nothing fully conveys life via a digital screen
Words are mere symbolic shadows, if you see what i mean



Ant on remnant Oak leaf… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018


The Human Condition



We humans — most of us anyway — have a preoccupation with forms which rely on demarcations and which distinguish surfaces.  We react to parameters just as we were instructed to, and we are satisfied to allow our brains to remain within those circumscribed fields.  Even the so-called great scientists are immersed in the same methodologies and modes of perception and analysis.  Most conform to standard patterns, even when they think that they are sophisticated and free.  Most have been taught not to trust experience and feeling until they have passed through (and have been filtered by) the organizing chambers of rational thought.  Most, rather like computers, have become mere information processors and, therefore, pitifully impoverished organisms.  

We still — most of us anyway — have subject and object, self and other, man and nature.  Most have very separative minds seeing things fragmentarily (with separation and division).  Concepts and conditioning can never perceive the truth, yet most, even the professional scientists, remain caught within the realm of concepts and conditioning.  Such conditioning can be modified and can evolve some, but it will never perceive and understand the whole over time… and conditioning and evolution are time. 

Is it possible for the mind to change radically, such that it goes beyond all influence and all authority of the past?  Tribal authority is “the past,” the past which is old, stale, and antiquated.  Many can reason very cleverly, very precisely, about a lot of complicated things; but that reasoning inevitably is the essence of a background of a particular conditioning.  Truth can manifest when influence and conflict cease, but any methods, beliefs, or systems directly employed to get there will be an extension of the same old game.  There is no recipe, in time, that takes one to the timeless.  The fabricated/learned psychological self depends upon conflict and time — actually, the separate self is conflict and psychological time — and most people will likely not care to significantly end conditioning; most will want to remain in (and “as”) that conditioning, yet conditioning binds and is suffering.  True silence is deep awareness, a selflessness, a timelessness… and true silence is not what the conditioned mind can cause to happen at any particular point in time; the silence of awareness is beyond the self (and self-effort).  Most are afraid of allowing the self to come to an end psychologically.  Only in the nullification of the false is there the whole blessing of truth and real insight.  Compassion and that truth are not two separate things, as is the “perceiver” and “that which is perceived.”



clinging to surfaces… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018


in the heart of the tree… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018








Tinge of Spring




the mightiest miracle that ever was
poured forth as love in endless spring
way beyond unfeeling indifference and hateful ways
far from the fallacies when the coldhearted cling

as ziggy went zaggy while up followed down
as dizzy was dazzy while on-hold with a phone
flowering be beautiful without perfect face
kitelike insects kept ringing wisdom to alone

unknowable joy peace truth radiant bloom
mediocre fight hates minds with delight
you are the light at the apex of noon
holding onto sorrow being blindness loving night




Springtime Tinge (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

Springtime Tinge (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018


Viva Sweet Spring




Spring rides the steep entrance
                     beyond cold death’s down
                     She is everywhere growing joyfully

Green groping marvels reaching
                     not muchtheworseforwear
                     Innumerable gladnesses bursting gleefully

Fearless emerging singingly feels
                     far from icecold nothing’s heels
                     Flames of jubilant splendor


Spring (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

Spring (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018


Poem of One



Of course,everything that we ever warmly saw

       was exactly what we were

With this,clocks might disagree

       or limited walls of where

       just as when the frost yawns

       or the tide jumps

       or the winds,in their caprice,

       change their minds about moving


Suddenly they shouted

       and their shout was what we were

       and always will be

       as when the sun and flowers

       dance so close that each

       the other is

       or how birds fly in unison

       as one organism

       together but not

       as many


Like when the poetic words

       and the reader are

       not two separate things

       when why the she and he

       of love is not

       the cold separatist

       apart from analysis


Dancing (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Dancing (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017





That neverending tree… (Multi-Photo)



We’re all flowers of that neverending tree

and if we don’t ever blossom

we won’t be open, wise, and free


None of us are separate within that immense, majestic being

but if perception doesn’t see it

it really isn’t seeing


Eastern Redbud Study.  (1)  Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Eastern Redbud Study. (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Eastern Redbud Study.  (2)  Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Eastern Redbud Study. (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015



Spring Plum Blossom Haiku… (Multi-Photo and Multi-Poem)



Two Haiku Poems… one from the Japanese poet, Issa (year 1822) and one from my (elderly) self (who likes to preserve plum tree scraps)…



ume miru ya umeboshi jijii to yobaretsutsu

viewing plum blossoms–
they call old men
pickled plums


In the blossomed Spring

plum trees recognized themselves

taking photographs


Plum Tree Blossoms. (1)  Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Plum Tree Blossoms. (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Plum Tree Blossoms. (2) (Digital Color Pencil Rendition) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Plum Tree Blossoms. (2) (Digital Color Pencil Rendition) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015


Welcome Sweet Spring… (Multi-Photo… 3 photos)



let’s Spring into action

be sure not to Fall

see Flowers where dirt was

as Life makes its sweet call


let’s evolve from what Fish were

turn Fins into Hands

plant seeds in terrestrial gardens

and walk upon Land


let’s breathe atmospheric air directly

and forget how to swim

let’s forget our past and Winter

and drink water at the gym


[Note:  The first photo is of a flower in Spring.  The second photo is of a fossil plate of a couple of specimens of Osteolepis macrolepidotus  (from the Devonian Period, Old Sandwick Fish Beds, Quoyloo, Orkney, Scotland).  Osteolepis was one of the first air-breathing fish, with lobed (feet-like) fins; it had many other features in common with the early tetrapods (the first land-dwelling vertebrates).  Some people tend to feel ashamed — or go into denial — about having evolved from fish; I (among others), on the other hand, feel that being part of evolution is an immense privilege and see the profound beauty and amazing splendor of evolution!  The third photo is of a newspaper comic of “Frank and Ernest” by the brilliant Bob Thaves.]


Spring flower.  Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Spring flower. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Osteolepis macrolepidotus. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Osteolepis macrolepidotus. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Comic by Bob Thaves. Photo by Thomas Peace 2015

Comic by Bob Thaves. Photo by Thomas Peace 2015


in each living Spring…



compact and entwined

in each living Spring

are Life’s splendid creatures

majestic living things


like a chrysalis patiently waiting

to joyfully unfold

Spring has books of living stories

waiting to be told


from nothing comes something

it arrives every year

few love it enough

the Treasure is near


Fledglings in a nest.  Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Fledglings in a nest. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015