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Spring and the Mind




Spring involves renewal, growth, and new life.  The mind can be like spring… growing, blossoming, becoming more alive and vibrant.  That cannot happen if the mind remains like the frozen, hard crystals of winter, clinging with coldness and frozen in rigid beliefs, dogmas, and ideologies.   The truly blossoming mind must be alive, unassuming, dynamic, perceptive, flexible, and truly vibrant.  Those set in their ways may be like dead concrete, full of stale blindness toward life as it really is.  

Deep perception and compassion are not two separate things.  Profound (alive) insight and psychologically dying to stale beliefs are not two separate things.  



Hyacinth with Early Spring Insect … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019



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    • The hardening of the arteries that comes with age is one thing, but I’ve always smiled at references to people who suffer from “hardening of the categories.”


  1. Speaking of perception and expectations, it took three visits to the photo to find the insect: rather an interesting experience.


  2. I like the way the petals curl up like the “flip” (hairstyle) we girls wore back in the 70s. 🙂 What a beautiful vibrant purple color.


  3. Love the blooms and the ripe wisdom too, they are definitely not separate, no dualities.


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