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Viva Sweet Spring




Spring rides the steep entrance
                     beyond cold death’s down
                     She is everywhere growing joyfully

Green groping marvels reaching
                     not muchtheworseforwear
                     Innumerable gladnesses bursting gleefully

Fearless emerging singingly feels
                     far from icecold nothing’s heels
                     Flames of jubilant splendor


Spring (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

Spring (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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  1. Beautiful – I, too, rejoice in Spring’s beautiful colors lending some interest and color to this blah landscape. So far, all I’ve seen is snowdrops which are white … tapping my foot, awaiting more.


      • I’ll “like” the picture because it is wishful thinking, but I’ll “unlike” the idea of more snow. I know that Chicago has been hit hard this past Winter, so supposing you were as well. We’ve lucked out as the last two times the snow fizzled out – we were supposed to get snow tomorrow as well. I hope it is gone for good. I shovel my neighbor’s property (2X the size of mine) all Winter and he mows my lawn. It’s been our deal the past three years. Shhhh … don’t tell him but after I get my Summer mowings, I’m done with our deal. He waved at me while I was digging out from Snowmageddon … we got over 60 inches and I felt like all I did was shovel the months of January and February.

  2. Wonderful. We are now in autumn, which has its own beauty, but in a couple of months I will be anticipating spring too.


  3. Wonderful, you can transfer the feelings for spring in a good way, Thomas. I’m waiting for spring, too. It’s very late this year and still quite cold outside. Have a nice day, regards Mitza


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