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The Emergence of Sweet Spring





The emergence of Sweet Spring
one purplish thing
beyond all of the sorrow and sting
that sullen contrived fear must bring



The Emergence of Spring … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019




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  1. I like the tulips just before they open – once they open, poof … the petals drop off much too quickly. I heard about a new school shooting on the 7:00 p.m. CBS radio news and I was online, so switched over to Twitter to “trending items” – not there, sport stories were there. Evidently too commonplace to take precedence? Sigh.


    • Sad about common school shootings. U.S. society is so profoundly sick. My sister-in-law, the one with the ducks that i mentioned in your blog, works as a teacher at a school where the principal tells the kids it is OK to leave class, speak their minds to the teachers, and dance around wildly any old time that they want. Damn insane!


      • I seriously think the world moves too fast for my liking Tom. Every day I hear something that makes me think that. I just looked and finally the story is trending on Twitter (at the bottom for goodness sake) … 1 died, 7 injured. This was not just a threat – people have put blinders on! That’s a terrible attitude by your sister’s principal. No wonder the kids don’t respect the teachers, parents or one another. I’m getting too old for this world. In the crime forum for our city, someone was angry about Lincoln Park not passing having shops to sell recreational marijuana and a comment was “a bunch of old hags voted, at least 60 years old most of them – let there be new blood ruling our city!” I have no words.

  2. The fear that those children felt today wasn’t a contrived fear — it was real fear. We need to stop manufacturing fears, and deal with the situations that cause appropriate fear. How to do that, I don’t know. But I know that your tulip’s a lovely, soothing image — what color!


    • Yes, contrived fear and real fear are, for sure, two different things. Especially in the U.S., these days, we are living in such insane times such that being free of over-fearing the real dangers is getting to be a difficult art. Goodness, when we were kids you didn’t have to worry about one (or more) of the mean and nasty kids blowing your head off with a semi-automatic weapon!


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