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Blossoming Beyond Separation…




We were miseducated to look with separation.  For eons, we have looked from (and “as”) separation.  For eons, we have looked from (and “as”) separative beliefs.  Beyond empty, limited separation is wholeness, beauty, and full compassion.  One of the attributes of limited, learned separation is indifference.  Many people have (and “actually are”) cold indifference; many people’s minds are based upon the acceptance of separation; they look from (and “as”) separation.   It’s easy for cold indifference to point a gun at what it considers to be “others who are separate from oneself.”  It is easy for cold indifference to look the other way and not help.  If the essence of your consciousness is based on separation — as most are, these violent days — then you will go on in the old ways, old habits, and old mundane routines.  

There is a profound reality of wholeness with its natural integrity of real beauty.  It cannot be touched by what is distorted and corrupt.  Separative beliefs can never be one with it.  Its beauty is beyond the learnable, beyond the merely absorbed.  Profound goodness is not the mere opposite of the bad.  There is a wholeness that is beyond the opposites and beyond measure.  




Blossoming Beyond Separation … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019



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  1. I’m completely entranced by that flower. It looks so much like our bluestar, but it’s clearly not the same. Perhaps it’s related. In any event, it’s a beautiful plant and you’ve photographed it especially well.


      • You are always right on the mark in your post commentaries Tom. I am going there tomorrow and likely Sunday as well, so will do. I’ve stayed in the neighborhood the past two days. We have temps in the 40s too and every park where I usually walk is flooded, if not where water from the Detroit River is over the seawall and onto the boardwalk, the grounds are saturated and like small ponds. I checked around all my favorite spots. We have had rain for 9 days and racked up 5 1/2 inches of rain in one week’s time.

      • The Iroquois River, that we live on, finally crested (or is just about to crest). It’s around 16 feet higher, which is at the “action” stage; some flooding for some homes. We are very high up so don’t have to worry. It rose to the top of the huge cement chunks and boulders on the bank but never came up onto our grass. It had endlessly rained and i’m surprised that it didn’t come up higher! 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed the ideas you presented here. As for the flower, hard to say. It strikes me as possibly being in the Boraginaceae family.


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