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Good Nutrition (essential for a stable mind)…




Good nutrition is essential for having (i.e., being) a mind that is perceptive, stable, innocent, compassionate, whole, and non-fragmentary.  What we eat affects us cognitively, and a mind that eats a lot of unnecessary sweets and junk food and that takes all kinds of mind-altering drugs cannot have — and be — the stable integrity that allows profound order, beautiful wisdom, and spiritual magic to take place.  We truly are what we eat, and if we eat junk… we end up being intrinsically junky.  (Look at what the current president of the U.S. is eating.)

A lot of people are not fully aware of the very detrimental contents pertaining to much of the “so-called food” in the grocery stores.   No wonder why many diseases and disorders are increasing in alarming numbers in countries like the United States.  In the U.S., the FDA (the Fraud and Deception Administration) certainly doesn’t really care what happens to you; look at all the garbage on the shelves that people can buy; it’s $ and extended shelf life (for the powerful industries) that is fundamentally important to the FDA and U.S. government.  We laugh at what people did many years ago with blood-letting and leeches.  What we are doing — in the U.S. — in this day and age, with tons of crazy, synthetic medications (most of which have very deleterious side-effects)… and foods giving us inflammatory disease, increased blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, autism, and such things as Alzheimer’s disease… is equally tragic and malignant.  These days, in the U.S., most doctors — though most mean well and are doing a reasonable amount of  “good” — are, unfortunately, puppets of the pharmaceutical companies; most of them just do not tell you how to heal your body naturally and holistically.  Big $ supersedes the overall health of the nation’s people.  We are not a sick species that needs to depend on innumerable kinds of synthetic (unnatural) drugs in the quantities that we currently take!  I am recommending two important videos — their links are offered below — for you to watch to get started.   I admire both Dr. John Bergman and Dr. Mandell, who talk in these videos, but i certainly don’t agree with everything that they say (especially in certain other videos that they provide); however, for the most part, they are far better to listen to than the standard fare!  Do yourself a favor and watch these two videos when you have the time.  Super healthful Chia seeds, mentioned below, actually got their name from the Mayan word for “strength,” and for good reason!  They have maximum nutrients with minimal calories and are very high in top quality fiber, and contain very high levels of ALA omega-3 fatty acids (higher than flax seeds and even salmon)!   So, here is how i make Chia Pudding daily (which is anti-inflammatory, raises HDL, lowers blood pressure, and lowers triglycerides.):  

 (I make my Chia in the evening… to refrigerate overnight and eat in two portions the next day.) 

1. Add 1 cup of unsweetened Almond milk (vanilla flavor) to a small, plastic container.

2. Add some honey and flavorings (possibly more vanilla if preferred) and/or some powdered cinnamon (to one’s taste)… and stir vigorously.  

3.  Add 4 level Tablespoons of Organic Chia Seeds (Walmart sells it in the flour section)… and stir vigorously; (if you have time, stir every now and then for the first few minutes).

4.  Let it set for 45 minutes or so and stir it well one more quick time (to homogenize it and get out the clumps). 

[Note:  It is at this step that i add my favorite flavoring — instead of the others mentioned above — which is organic Cacao Powder (not Cocoa); i add about a tablespoonful of the powder and stir it in well (with honey having been added previously in step 2).  (If you add the organic Cacao, you might want to add a bit more milk in step 1.)  Organic Cacao is sold where the Chia is (at Walmart) and is full of antioxidant flavanols. Raw cacao powder contains more than 300 different chemical compounds and has nearly four times the antioxidant power of your average dark chocolate — more than 20 times than that of blueberries. ]

5. Put it in the refrigerator (covered) overnight and then eat in the morning (or later) as is, or with blueberries added, or whatever.  Get healthier.  


(If you have any questions regarding making the Chia, just ask.)

I also take curcumin in the form of “Double Strength Theracurmin” daily, which does wonders for the joints!   I’ll post more on nutrition at a later time.



More Spring Emergence … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019






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  1. very 100 % excellent info. wife of Man eat chia stuff every day. maybe now Man incorporate chia into diet. Already Man & Lady eat almost 100 % organic and not drink or smoke and not use use recreational drug. Man say goal = mens sana in corpore sano. Man & Lady also limit connectivity & not on stupid facebook or instagram or twitter or etc etc. that = way of limiting toxic rubbish what culture pour into collective brain of human critter all over earth planet. ps. maybe tom like try out drinkie poo what Man have every day after light lunch. it = tall glass of 1/2 organic tart cherry juice + other half of organic multiberry kiefer. it good for gut health + reduce inflammation + taste good.


  2. Great info! I’ve been on an anti inflammatory diet (+ nothing fermented) for the past 4 months for my skin disorder. I’m still hopeful, but no improvement yet.
    I totally agree that what goes into our systems effects everything. I’ve always ate very healthy, made sure I got my supplements, however I feel sometimes, you just get dealt a bum system.
    I’ve been prescribed Humira for my issue. Sadly, after many years of fighting it naturally, I may need to give in to western meds…
    This doesn’t mean I’d stop my healthy eating, tho! 😂 There’s so many other benefits!


    • Ah… try to avoid the Humira if you can! Side effects include death, TB, heart disease, liver disease, cancer, etc. I have mild rheumatoid arthritis — probably from getting the Hepatitis B vaccines regarding having been a teacher of the multiply handicapped… plus getting all of the flu shots over the years — plus some significant osteoarthritis (from all of the heavy lifting of putting the heavy students on respite tables and changing tables daily for decades).
      I’m no MD, but here is what i do and am pretty much fully symptom free now: Peony Immune (Life Extension White Peony Root extract)– taken 3 times per day; Double Strength Theracurmin — taken 2 times per day; Doctor’s Best Serrapeptase (40,000 SPU, they are small capsules) — 3 taken in the morning 1/2 hour before eating.
      (All of the above are basically natural with no significant side-effects; take these and you will likely see a big difference. All of them can be purchased at; i buy mine via the Subscribe and Save method, which saves you money.) Omega-3 tablets (of a good brand) help a lot with inflammation too. & eat the chia pudding a lot! 🙂


      • Although I have arthritis also, I have HS, which I’ve had for 25 years. I’ve tried every natural thing I have ever read about to help me to no avail. I’ve been on many different diets and cleanse programs. That’s why I’m looking at it. HS can be quite limiting and humira is the 1st drug to be approved to treat it.
        Most likely, I’ll do it. If the outcome isn’t miraculous, I’ll stop.

      • Wishing you the best of luck, whatever you decide to do!
        If you haven’t tried the Peony Immune, i’d definitely recommend trying that first (with the Serrapeptase and Omega 3 Oil additionally). Peony Immune really works well for inflammatory issues and has no dangerous side-effects. Studies show that it is as effective as Methotrexate.

      • I will get some of the peony immune, sound like a good one. I’ve been an omega 3 taker for decades, love the stuff. And they finally got rid of the ‘fish burps’ ha ha!
        Upside about the HS, is that many sufferers are able to get off the humira after a few months and the disease stays dormant! I can’t not try it.

  3. I have saved both videos to watch later, very interested, thank you for sharing, Tom! I do eat chia seeds in a bar form, not so sure I’m into them. But I do hope you discuss more on curcumin & your results, I was just researching it this past week for joint pain. I’ll look up the form you take, thanks again!


    • Yes, Donna, check out the videos later! 🙂 Please read what i wrote to the Naturarian above; that information should help you significantly! Any questions, just ask! If it’s mostly osteoarthritis that you have, i suggest the Double Strength Theracurmin, 2 or 3 grams of Omega 3 Fish Oil per day, and the Serrapeptase in the morning (take the Serrapeptase at least a half an hour before eating food). 🙂


      • I will look at all of these. I was looking for the general aging process but actually if it’d also help with my left knee that was replaced two years ago due to a fall down stairs. My ‘new’ knee still aches almost daily, and the slow recovery has given me overall stiffness, as if I’ve aged 10 years! 😦 I was active before the fall, I’ll ‘only be’ 60 this October.

      • Donna, i once slipped on a wet floor and had meniscus surgery on my right knee. The things i mentioned to you should help; they sure helped me! For additional curcumin, you could also try CurQfen from
        Forget stuff like so-called health bars that have some chia in them; i’ve seen similar bars with Flax and stuff and they are essentially garbage (IMHO). The pudding, believe me, is nothing like what would be in bars.

  4. I’ve slowly been transforming my diet, and now have moved completely away from fast food — except for the occasional favorite salad, which is a treat. But frozen dinners, or highly processed foods? All gone. There’s no question that what we eat affects how we feel, and our ability to live a good life. Thanks for highlighting an important topic.


  5. Ahhhh the title itself got is soo true and thank you for sharing those tips…i will try them on myself..


  6. I have heard of chia seeds and chia pudding but never researched on how to prepare them – you have handed me the information and I think next time to the grocery story I’ll get some and try. It sounds like it will even satisfy a sweet tooth. I’ve never had almond milk. I will see if Meijer has it, if not go to Walmart. I’ll look at the videos later and learn some nutrition from that site as well. I subscribe by e-mail to “Eat This, Not That” and learn some nutrition from there as well (


  7. Tom, this is a very interesting post. I always add chia to my smoothies for the omega-3. The pudding sounds interesting. I’ve always believed that most human ills can be improved through eliminating junk and eating proper food. It astonishes me how people have come to rely on drugs (and supplements, too, for that matter). According to AARP, the average senior takes 4.5 prescription drugs per month. My husband (70) and I (57) take none.


    • Good for you both! Keep eating healthy and unprocessed stuff! I am now mostly just eating whole, natural foods (that are not man-made). Yes, so many people take many synthetic drugs that are “pushed” by doctors (most of whom really work for pharmaceutical companies). Not enough doctors work with telling you about natural health and helpful herbs. A doctor’s med bag (that we saw on display from the Civil war era) had tons of bottled herbs in it!


  8. Chia, and also flax seeds are wonderful, but I can’t stand the “pudding texture” of it. I do sprinkle them on top of salads though. Eating healthy is so important! No side effects ever!


  9. So agree Tom, and re govt it is no different here, they don’t care about actual health just $ and the big business gravy train. chia is briliant.


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