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Tinge of Spring




the mightiest miracle that ever was
poured forth as love in endless spring
way beyond unfeeling indifference and hateful ways
far from the fallacies when the coldhearted cling

as ziggy went zaggy while up followed down
as dizzy was dazzy while on-hold with a phone
flowering be beautiful without perfect face
kitelike insects kept ringing wisdom to alone

unknowable joy peace truth radiant bloom
mediocre fight hates minds with delight
you are the light at the apex of noon
holding onto sorrow being blindness loving night




Springtime Tinge (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

Springtime Tinge (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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  1. Upbeat delight – “ziggy went zaggy” startled me – this time last year our cat Ziggy unexpectedly zagged out of whatever number life he’d shared with us. I like thinking he just “went zaggy” into his next.


  2. One day the real Spring will arrive … I’ll bet that we’ll endure this cold weather a little longer and when Spring finally arrives it will be beyond balmy, but more on the hot side. I just have a feeling that will be the case since the weather’s been so erratic. We had snow this morning, but just a smattering and it melted before afternoon – my kind of snow!


  3. Simply stunning stuff, Thomas Peace – the poem and image, the busy bee is the symbol of my home town, Manchester, UK.


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