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This is no Real Spring Haiku




Here I sit broken
hearted, as I wished for spring
but only farted.


[Note:  Photo was taken on 4-9-18 when the weather was much colder.  Now the weather is actually getting to be more spring-like; some wishes do come true!]

Frozen PseudoSpringtime… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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    • Still!!!
      My advice:
      Eat some Red Kidney Bean dish, like i did, and make a wish. 🙂

      With your considering parrot species to get, here are a few tips:
      Scarlet, this morning, said, “Hi babe!” and was dancing comically in such a cute way!
      The other day when i was late with bringing them their snacks, i apologized for being late. Tweetie then said, “Take your time!” First, i gave Scarlet her treats, and while doing so thought that time is a very abstract concept and it was hard to believe that she said that. As i then put treats into Tweetie’s dish, i said, “When i came in late with the snacks and said that i was sorry for being late, did you then say, “Take your time!”? Tweetie then said, “Yes i did! Take your time!” 🙂


  1. hehe, when you don’t find a suitable rhyme this comes out? We had two days of spring and now it turned quite cold again. Hope you have better weather, Thomas, kind regards Mitza


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