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Winged Purity




Makes a living by searching for nectar
Sleeps where it eats
Doesn’t have to pay taxes
Doesn’t have to worship at stone temples that replaced nature 
Doesn’t need to propound fancy opinions
Doesn’t ruin the environment by traveling in fossil fuel vehicles
Is a pacifist and has no crazy leaders



Common Blue / Spring Azure Butterfly and a scrawny caterpillar … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019

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  1. Not only that, the butterfly and the caterpillar seem to be getting along together just fine. Maybe we could add “doesn’t need to run off everyone who’s different” to your list.


  2. I like your description up top and then at the bottom … a scrawny caterpillar. 🙂 Made me smile. The colors are beautiful … that beautiful butterfly looking much more energized than the bloom.


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