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Texting While Driving


(Not long ago, while driving home, one observed people texting — with their heads facing down — while driving; (this was observed, that day, in two separate automobiles).  It is observed happening, while on road, all too frequently.  What is fundamentally wrong with people these days?



I perceive a so-called human being
driving from the opposite direction
with an
indifferent, addicted head 
facing down;
blundering stupidity and callousness
thinks that it can multitask while driving.
There are families
with precious children
on the road that that immense stupidity is gambling on.
What messages are so important (so profound) 

that they warrant perilling multiple lives?
Thanks for putting 
us all in 



Wasp coming head-on… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019

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  1. I see it all the time, too. A friend suffered severe damage to an arm and shoulder when a driver who was texting ran through a red light at thirty miles per hour. It’s clear to me that some people have become addicted to their phones in the most precise, clinical sense. What’s worse, the companies responsible for social media platforms and so on are doing all they can to encourage the behavior.


  2. Why do people court disaster this way? I’m sure I don’t know. They will have to learn the hard way, possibly by ruining many lives.


  3. You have hit upon one of my biggest pet peeves, Tom. I am especially wary when I notice in my rear view mirror the driver in the car behind me weaving between the lines with head down!


  4. Great image! I think it is dependency or even an addiction, because craving is involved, as well as instant gratification, or numbing-out. I have had pedestrians walk out in front of me then stop as they are looking at their phones and I have almost been run over at a crosswalk by drivers on their phones. Even when I am with someone, it is hard to get their full attention because they are always checking their so-called smart phones for information, directions and texts.People are lonely and yet want to tune in to the social networks rather than spend time face to face having a real conversation.It is a serious problem. I read where some young people have opted for getting offline and are playing board games again, where people talk to each other and socialize while playing. There is hope.


  5. My wife tells me of fifty years ago, when her father would drive all the way to Saratoga with the Racing Form opened in front of him on the steering wheel.
    New devices…same old story.



  6. I got rear ended last fall because the driver behind me was on his phone. I didn’t even see him coming while I waited at a red light. His entitlement of using the phone while driving was very expensive. Car damage for both parties, time recuperating from the whole thing, and for him legal problems because he was apparently uninsured and in other trouble. Everywhere you go anymore people are glued to a screen! 😳 I do use technology, but not while driving and rarely in social situations. I prefer real live interaction! Great photograph by the way!


  7. Sometimes cellphones become the bane of our existence – yes they are handy to have for emergencies, but to become attached at the hip to your electronic device is sad, even sadder when you’re not paying attention while driving a vehicle. It is the offender who often lives and the person who was obeying the law, whose vehicle is damaged, even totaled, or they lose their life. Hopefully the madness will stop one day, probably not in our lifetime however.


      • Yes, I just saw a woman again this morning Tom. She was laughing while reading something and looking down … the laugh would have been on her if the light had turned green and someone behind her might have been texting and plowed into her. That is not only disgusting but disrespectful to text at a funeral wake. Things are out of control with texting. They just legalized marijuana here in Michigan and we had our first “legal pot death” … didn’t take long.

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