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We all need to question more.  Many of us, as we get older, lose the joy of deep questioning and become dull and stagnant.  Many of us, as we age, begin to merely accept what others have poured into us.  Then we look with secondhand eyes (which is really not any kind of real looking).  Boredom and mediocrity, then, set in.

If a philosophical question is merely a spring-board to get a result (i.e., a quick answer), then it is giving more emphasis to the end rather than the beauty of the means.  Real questions have a life of their own; they are not merely a shallow means to an end.  The indoctrinated, the blind, do not question deeply enough.  They have embraced superficial answers and have become hardened by inflexible, statue-like, rigid traditions and old, stale viewpoints.  Then they become rather apathetic, indifferent, and subservient.  Of course, they’ll come up with a million reasons to “justify” such behavior.  Blind conditioning works in ironclad (though malignant) ways.

If questioning is merely limited by the language (or languages) that one happens to use, and limited by traditions, then such questioning is very circumscribed and tainted.  Deep questioning goes beyond the cage-like barriers that language impales, beyond the confines of tradition.  Profound questioning — being true intelligence — is often accompanied by deep empathy.  What is pure and unsullied often naturally radiates compassion.




Crab Spider in Wildflower Foliage … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019

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  1. Real questions indeed have a life of their own. Often we need to be still and listen for the question. We foolishly think we know what to inquire about, oblivious to all those barriers/cages.


  2. You always give us food for thought – I liked the spider among the blooms. All we need is blooms and we’re all set. We had 60 degrees plus today, but also it came with severe weather and it is not quite over yet.


  3. Sometimes I wonder if I should just see what is revealed rather than asking a question. But then I end up asking questions anyway!
    Looks like maybe some yarrow that spider has found.


  4. Hi Tom,
    Your photo is beautiful. I absolutely love spiders – and crab spiders and jumpers are my favorites! “Deep questioning goes beyond the cage-like barriers that language impales, beyond the confines of tradition.” So well-stated. Questioning that is a feeling, a burrowing, a quest into the mystery…not an intellectual pursuit for more fact.
    Take care.


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