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I am a kid!




I am a kid
trapped in an old man’s body
i fly kites
i perpetually chase insects and frogs
i still often gaze in wonder through a magnifying glass
i still think that grown-ups are yucky
i love watching toads in the woods
i keep fish and shrimp as pets and stare at them for hours
i hunt fossils and love everything about dinosaurs and prehistoric life
i unendingly question
and i still learn best away from
boring school



Mr. Toadster … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019

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  1. After watching my Father do something foolish, my Mother would always say to me, “Holly, men don’t grow up, they just get bigger. ”
    Yup. I married a large child myself 😏


  2. I too still enjoy some of my favorite childhood hobbies. It helps keep us young at heart! 😁


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  4. you defiantly do not have an old mans’ body and i should know. it is lean and muscular from chasing frogs, bugs, fish and me.


  5. You’ve found it all and experienced it all … and told us about it via pictures and poems Tom, making us the richer for your adventures.


  6. Wonderful post. Curiosity, engagement, the ability to have fun, and a lack of pretension — all marks of a healthy child. Hooray to them all.


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