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War and Barbaric Friction




Wars, for humankind, have been going on for eons.  War is where and when we often spill each other’s blood over systems and ideas.  Apparently, in war, systems, ideas, (and control) often become much more important than any universal brotherhood, any universal oneness.   

Countries of the world are divisive and most are based on (and extensions of) an antiquated feudal system; “you pay us money (i.e., taxes) and we’ll protect you from ‘others’; we’ll be your ‘leaders’ with power and authority.”  

It is so easy to be lead by ignorant men who, themselves, have little or no deep understanding about order and the wholeness and fullness of life.  It is so easy for sloppy disorder and hatred to trump order and compassion and then be “followed” by others.  We aren’t solving the fundamental problems concerning human against human friction, overpopulation, and environmental degradation but, rather, are chaperoned to dwell in relatively superficial realms that deal with barbaric, mundane things.  We were miseducated to stay quiet and to keep quiet and to “fit in” and keep our mouths closed.   Most of us merely blindly conform and see nothing wrong with it.  It is easy for dullness to accept dullness.  It is easy for mediocrity to accept mediocrity.



Crab Spider with Butterfly Prey … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019

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  1. I wish I had lived in simpler times when people got along with one another, not only in the schoolyard, the neighborhood, but as a country as well. Every day I am saddened by the news reports – I don’t say much as I am not an American citizen, and I’m not going to say Canada is better because someone could say “so go back then” but the last few days especially, the comments are just over the top.


    • I don’t even watch the news much anymore. It just makes me sick in the stomach. Instead of evolving, the U.S. (and a number of other countries too) are regressing and getting even more barbaric. Many parts of the world see this happening and realize that it is deplorable. What a joke this world is turning into (because of crass and malignant people).


      • I agree with you Tom. I follow Twitter for the news/weather reports. Just watching the political topics throughout the day leaves me reeling sometimes.

  2. Like Linda I’m not a citizen and feel like I have to be vigilant to not say the “wrong” thing. I gave up a couple of long-standing friendships because I couldn’t stand the vile anti-immigrant and general hate spewing. Sad times we live in!


    • Strange coincidence, Sabine; been thinking here lately of the word ‘vile’ on how it describes people who are OK with kids being put in cages or corralled such that they won’t ever see their parents again. Denying the greenhouse effect is even more destructive (far more destructive). I won’t even socialize with my republican relatives (except for my mother-in-law who is 90+years old and too stale to realize things). Then there is their drastically cutting Medicare and Medicaid and then giving the money to the filthy rich. Yes, very sad times. Many people are barbaric and very ugly on the inside.


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