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A Poem About my Camera… (or The Perceiver is not separate from the Perceived)





As it fell from my
hands into the river,
my second-rate, semi-waterproof
camera was drowning.
I tried to give it mouth-to-
mouth resuscitation
but then received a
massive jolt of electricity
into my flared chops.
As I remained passed-out
on the riverbank, 
sweet images of beautiful flowers
crawled in my head
and I smiled,
realizing that a camera
was no longer needed.



Wildflowers and Soldier Beetle… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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  1. Oh for the days of mechanical film cameras. I had my Olympus OM1, 50mm and 24mm lenses submerged in Georgian Bay for 15 minutes. I dried them out in an oven set to the lowest temperature


      • Wow! I just read your reply to Eilene. That would be scary for anyone, and I don’t know how to swim, so even scarier for me. There are so many drownings every Summer here in Michigan and this morning the news reported that the body of a kayaker, who has been missing almost two years, was located … two years! His companion saw him go underwater, so they would have assumed he never made it, but, as time went on and no body was found, I suspect there was always that niggling question in their mind of did he survive and had amnesia, started life anew with a new identity? And then there is the duck boat incident in Missouri – also so scary and sad.

  2. Working around the water as I do, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched screwdrivers, radios, and so on go into the water. That moment between “oops!” and “dang” can seem interminable — and it’s a feeling that’s as easy to recall as the image of the dropped object.


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