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  1. Simplicity has become so complicated. One is forced to join the fray so they can make enough to get out of it. Weird


      • It is beautiful in the yellow color Tom – my father had purple ones all around the yard years ago … we called them “flags” and I don’t know if that was a Canadian term or not … I took them out when I redid the yard back in 1985. I made a wider perimeter garden and put in railroad ties and filled it with bark and put in a combination of small bushes and perennials and roses. I actually did all the work myself, even hauling home the railroad ties (broke the springs in my car doing so). It took me an entire Summer to do the job every weekend … a job for younger legs. However, I lost most of the small bushes, the perennials (mostly daisies, coneflowers, black-eyed susans, along with the three butterfly bushes). I had a butterfly garden. They were all lost from the first Polar Vortex and what remains has never looked the same, except for the “Home Run” roses which looked dead as a doornail but I resurrected them and they look fine now. I cut them down to stubs and had no hope for them but they came back, took a while, but back now. I never replanted the perennials or butterfly bushes. I was glad as we had a mini Polar Vortex the following Winter as you know as you have the same weather as here in SE Michigan.

  2. Maybe one day the world will change. In the mean time we can change, one person at a time.


  3. the problem s not that we aren’t ;ike flowers, the problem is that some choose to emulate flower like the infamous ‘Little Devil Farts’


  4. It’s amazing how β€˜WE’ the caretakers of creation can create the great foulness of humanity. We should take a cue from our natural environment and we’d probably smell much better! πŸ˜‰


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