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The Ukrainians and prayer…


My prayer is — and always has been — in the doing, not in mere words. You can’t put food in an unfortunate starving man’s belly with a prayer.

As i’ve said to Harini (i.e., thelongview) in my previous blog posting’s comments, i have been donating to various food banks benefitting the Ukrainians. More of us should do the same. ūüíĖ

(Note: It seems that Leonardo DeCaprio did not donate the 10 million dollars to Ukraine like i had written about here initially. That information — that went viral about him — was not true. However, he did donate to various organizations pertaining to people in need, including the victimized Ukrainians.)

Tears from the Sky … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2022


Evil Pugnacious Putin


While watching a YouTube video on Putin, there was a section of the video that showed him (at an elderly age) kissing something in a church and making the sign of the cross. (Hypocrisy unmitigated concerning the exterminator of innocent people!) We’ve also had a so-called leader in the United States, holding a bible upside down while trying to use it as a prop. (By the way, the two are friends.) Donald Trump STILL refuses to criticize Vladimir Putin.


[Sunday,‚Äď‚Äď ‚Äď ‚Äď‚Äď.‚ÄďWent this forenoon to church. A college professor, Rev. Dr.‚ÄĒ‚ÄĒ, gave us a fine sermon, during which I caught the above words; but the minister included in his “rounded catalog” letter and spirit, only the esthetic things, and entirely ignored what I name in the following:]

The devilish and the dark, the dying and diseas’d,

The countless (nineteen-twentieths) low and evil, crude and

The crazed, prisoners in jail, the horrible, rank, malignant,

Venom and filth, serpents, the ravenous sharks, liars, the disso-

(What is the part the wicked and the loathsome bear within
earth’s orbic scheme?)

Newts, crawling things in slime and mud, poisons,

The barren soil, the evil men, the slag and hideous rot.

No Spring Butterfly … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2022

The Precarious Times We Live In…



We live in extremely precarious times.¬† We need to go beyond mere depression about things; we need to act and not merely “go along indifferently.”¬† The planet is getting more and more overcrowded with people (and people are still cranking out more and more babies); there is less and less space (especially for animals and plants).¬† Extinctions in nature are occurring at an unprecedented rate (with over a million species going extinct lately).¬† There is much less healthy agricultural land (as pollution is creeping in everywhere imaginable).¬† ¬†Carbon emissions and plastics are ruining the globe, while the Amazon and Western U.S. forests (and other world forests) burn rampantly, while some flat-earth political groups deny global warming and heavily contribute to the deterioration of the environment.¬† There is less viable fresh water.¬† Guns and weapons of mass destruction are on the rise; unfortunately, with many not realizing it, germ warfare is a very real possibility.¬† Automated robots will soon be replacing millions of people in the workplace.¬† The over-use of unnatural, made-made food products and the over-usage of synthetic medicines is making the human population more and more unnaturally sick and corrupt, with immune function diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, cancer, depression, mental problems, and such things as diabetes becoming all too common, with increasing frequencies of occurrence.¬† We are rapidly losing what little freedom we had; political figures are becoming more and more dictatorial and propaganda news channels (much like what Nazi movies did in the past) are making crass people believe very crazy/hateful things.¬†

What is one to do regarding all of this obvious insecurity?¬† Too many of us are looking at the problems fragmentarily.¬† The problems are not isolated; one problem is related to another problem.¬† There is a bigger picture that is more holistic, more comprehensive, insightful, and caring.¬† We must look beyond the $-oriented opportunistic greed that is contagiously expanding as if it (i.e., such greed) is an accepted disease (that is OK).¬† A holistic, truly compassionate, non-indifferent mind of wisdom and insight would not be a huge contributing factor (to the above terrible situations) and would even seriously try to help change things.¬† A mind that operates in the old, traditional patterns, staying fragmentary, staying comfortable and barbaric (full of bias, indifference, and callousness) would not significantly help with the earth’s present very serious problems and with the problems that human beings face; such an indifferent/crass mind would merely continue to make the earth a living hell.¬† We can be stable and holistic or we can be fragmented and uncaring.¬† We can, (in all of this danger, fragmentation, and disorder), be order, wholeness, compassion, and largely be freedom from fear.¬†

No matter how terrible or disorderly things may seem on the outside, wisdom would primarily be stability and joyous harmony on the inside, in consciousness; it’s wisdom’s responsibility.¬† It’s wisdom’s responsibility not to be sad in a sad world; it’s wisdom’s responsibility not to be nuts in a nutty world.¬† Empathy would still exist; we wouldn’t look away from the suffering of those (supposedly) at a distance, and we would act to help; it’s wisdom’s responsibily.¬† ¬†¬†


Ants caring for their young (larvae). Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019

A Story-Poem (or Two)…



Marla, my wife, said that my poems occasionally need to be more uplifting, so the first poem (here) is meant to fulfill that end.  The second poem is what was written before her comment.

Poem #1


Here in his hands
is a flowery treasure
with sweet petals and leaves
much joy beyond measure

He is of hopes and images where
as he ascends up in the elevator
flowing fields of smiling imaginary angels
open doors that were dreamt of later 

Can we lift a luminous whole
and bring new minds out of below
rise to the top ever so mindfully
in a towering highrise deep in the heart of Chicago?


(Well, elevators are uplifting, aren’t they?)

Poem # 2


There was a pond
and every time a frog jumped into the pond
the pond became a little froggier 
a little splashier

There was a grasshopper
and every time he landed upon a weed
the weed became a little leggier
a little jumpier

There was a propagandizing political news-channel
and every time a person watched it
the television became a little duller
and a lot more dim-witted



Leopard Frog, a species that will not survive long in a world filled with crass people who do not act diligently to prevent global warming and who think that “Windmills cause cancer.”. … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019


Current News Regarding the Environmental Protection Agency in the U.S.A. (and overcoming real corruption)…



The EPA will roll back the Obama-era auto-fuel-efficiency standards.¬† The agency threatens to revoke California’s waiver under the Clean Air Act, which allows it to require cleaner cars.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke denies that his department censors science.  A National Park Service report on how it will deal with climate change omits all references to human causation.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service doesn’t want to give threatened species as much protection as endangered ones.

The Sierra Club’s Environmental Law Program wins multiple court rulings: Now the BLM must disclose the climate impacts of fossil fuel development in the Powder River Basin; the Trump administration can’t overturn the ban on new offshore oil and gas drilling in the Arctic without judicial review; and the administration can’t delay increased penalties for automakers to violate fuel-economy standards.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry calls moving away from fossil fuels “immoral.”

The Bureau of Land Management blames a “breakdown of technology” for its failure to note 42,000 public comments in support of protections for the greater sage-grouse.

“I really don’t know” if humans cause climate change, says the head of the EPA’s scientific advisory board.

(The above information is from the Sierra Club that i belong to.)


“The world is a dangerous place¬†to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”¬† — Albert Einstein


Overcoming Real Corruption… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018


Those Poor Children



Only sick immorality can yank children
from their parents and cage them up,
shitting on universal-global love


You know, i am not interested in politics whatsoever.¬† Politicians are not my cup of tea.¬† However, what is happening in the U.S. is getting to be extremely sick and immoral, and people (deeply stuck in their ruts) are accepting it!¬† Children are children of the world; they don’t belong to any damn country, to any damn politics.¬† It’s only crass, divisive adults who put them in such fragmented domains.¬† A regime that, against international human rights laws, pulls children from their parents, is an immoral, diabolical regime.¬† That same deranged, fascist-loving regime has been turning its back on the environment (kissing the behind of the fossil fuel industry).¬† The unnatural, hellish, hot and violent weather is going to get exponentially worse and is no coincidence; mass extinctions will continue.¬† When will people wake up?… when it is too late?

Shitting on Children… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018


Nightmare Incident on Highway 47…




Speedy Gonzales:   Why was I pulled over, officer?

1st Officer:¬† You were speeding.¬† ¬†And you were thinking about passing in a “no-passing zone.”¬†

Speedy Gonzales:  I was?

1st Officer:¬† Yes, you were!¬† Let me see your driver’s license.

Speedy:¬† What’s a driver’s license?

1st Officer:   Oh boy, you hit the jackpot!

Speedy (smiling):¬† ¬†No, I did not run into any jackpot!¬† Here is my driver’s license.¬†

1st Officer (yanking Speedy roughly):  Put your hands behind your back, wise guy; I have to handcuff you.  You got a green-card?

2nd Officer (nervously):¬† Be careful, don’t get too rough with him.¬† Maybe we are being filmed.¬† I, from this highway, already see huge aerial cameras hovering above us.

1st Officer (in a cruel tone):¬† It’s off to incarceration in the old Delux Ant-farm for you, Speedy!¬† You will get nothing but bread and water!

Speedy:   Bread and water?  I love bread and water!


Final Note:

Speedy got sentenced to three years but he got out in two for good behavior; unfortunately, against international human rights, all of his children were separated from him by an immoral, fascist-loving regime.  Though extremely poor, he is content with living on meager crumbs somewhere upon your shiny kitchen floor.  Walk gingerly!
There is an alternative name for Highway 47.¬† ¬†The alternative name is¬† Tom’s Garden Hose.



Incident on Highway 47… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018






The Greatest Halloween Terror is not a Spider


“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.


Halloween is a candylicious 

        fun for kids time of year

        and the ugly monster

        with the orangish hair

        (who is a reflection of a sick national immorality)

        is mostly what we should fear




Halloween Spider (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Halloween Spider (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017


Regarding the Current Abominable, Psychologically Sick, Trump – U.S. White House Administration














































Wilting Environment Unless We Change (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Wilting Environment Unless We Change (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017


Latest news: Nouns are Old-fashioned…



We steadfast nouns supposedly dwell in a scientific watery world of wriggling verbs
where nothing is solid and where we shouldn’t exist
where movements as all cigarettesmokespacetime are perpetually changing
as silky smooth adjectives write themselves and bring you to their list

Here and there adverbs endlessly and wholeheartedly played
Said I: “My nominative singular pronoun was bound to go bust”
Through the looking glass, prepositional phrases swayed like beautiful flowers
In a verb-oriented cosmic movement: nouns and this self… inevitably turning to rust

Say they syntax matters a lot of a whole hell
We’ve got free will alright; you can bet all of your relatives’ ingrained conditioning on that
And we’ve enough determiners to keep these phantasmagoric choices exceptionally happy
But when nouns become old-fashioned, you’ll have to give up your hat

Eternally flowing. (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Eternally flowing. (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Eternally flowing. (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Eternally flowing. (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016



Be Careful!…



later last night or maybe the other
one went walking, and not with your brother
whatever was scene was a part of the seen
then walked along nowhere with nothing between

unseasonable whether, weather you feel it or not
fossil fuels as greenhouseffect gases drive and fly a lot
golfing umpteen politicians sling us to war
making plenty of excuses about what fighting is fore

far from Teflon where sticking doesn’t matter
a happy wren eats oily seeds naturally fatter
an error in writin tis a beutaful ting
avoid Zika fliers early next spring


The Zika virus, as you have seen on the local news, is carried by mosquitoes, and is supposed to spread globally. ¬†Pregnant women who are bitten can have children who are micro-cephalic. ¬†I taught, before i retired, multiply handicapped students with mental retardation. ¬†One girl, who i had at one time in my classroom — who was born to a mother who had Dengue Fever as the result of a mosquito bite — had a severe micro-cephalic condition. ¬†When you would touch the top of her very small head, it was like touching a sponge; there was little skull support surrounding the brain. ¬†She had very little awareness of her surroundings. ¬†Be alert to where this virus is spreading. ¬†Please, if it is an area where you live, seriously think about curtailing pregnancy; if you are already pregnant, please stay indoors and use all kinds of precautions. ¬†Both of these viruses cause joint pain in people. ¬†Be very careful! ¬†(If it comes to the area where we live… you won’t be seeing as many nature photos from me.) ¬†Hopefully, this disease will not be nearly as widespread as many scientists are saying. ¬†This year, the Olympics in Rio are where the virus oriented mosquitoes currently exist; here, ¬†and other parts of the world where this is happening, is where people ¬†will be spraying like mad (which isn’t good for the environment, but may curtail much of the spreading, hopefully). ¬†If people would stop vacationing to distant countries, it would help slow the spread and progression of this disease, plus the earth would be better off with less pollution from fossil fuels (which aircraft¬†spew out like mad). ¬†By releasing sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide higher in the atmosphere, aircraft allow molecules of pollution more time to trap heat, causing havoc for our environment. ¬†These mosquitoes, scientists say, will spread by hiding in jet planes and other aircraft as they move from one country to another. ¬† Sorry if this is a bit frightening… but this is a precarious thing. ¬†One has seen what it can do.

Mosquito Eater. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Mosquito Eater. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

To be avoided. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

To be avoided. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016



(Multi-Photo)*** Concrete evidence…



Breaking News:

Scientists — those fellows who are ever so clever¬†—¬† say that the universe is spiraling and expanding… and we have¬†found concrete evidence of that (as illustrated in the accompanying photographs). ¬†The new, solid evidence supports the theory that the universe — at its current degree of expansion — is optimally suited¬†for supporting life.



New, hard evidence:

New hard evidence! (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

New hard evidence! (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

New hard evidence! (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

New hard evidence! (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015


Ebola and other forms of spreading disorder…



Hate is like a disease; it can spread in ways that are not of intense order.


[The following statements – which I have written in the following, final paragraph – pertain to the following five sentences (occurring here at the beginning within bold quote marks) which are excerpts from a recent news article, about Ebola, written by David Willman: ¬†“Public health officials have voiced similar assurances, saying Ebola is spread only through physical contact with a symptomatic individual or their bodily fluids. “Ebola is not transmitted by the air. It is not an airborne infection,” said Dr. Edward Goodman of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, where the Liberian patient remains in critical condition. ¬†Yet some scientists who have long studied Ebola say such assurances are premature ‚ÄĒ and they are concerned about what is not known about the strain now on the loose. It is an Ebola outbreak like none seen before, jumping from the bush to urban areas, giving the virus more opportunities to evolve as it passes through multiple human hosts.

The attached photograph is of a female Common Whitetail Dragonfly resting with a Green Bottle Fly. ¬†The Dragonfly could easily eat and devour the Fly (which they do in nature often). ¬†Being familiar with insects, because of my intense interest in animals and close-up photography, I realize certain aspects of what they are capable of. ¬†One of my concerns is that, in the countries currently facing epidemics due to the Ebola virus, there are ways that non-airborne diseases can be transmitted easily through the air… and that is through the mechanism by which common flies (such as houseflies) eat and travel. ¬†Such flies do not eat their food whole; they regurgitate digestive juices onto food to dissolve it and then slurp the contents up. ¬†Flies use their proboscis and labellum (sponge-pad-like-mouth-parts) to repetitively sample and slop juicy substances around. ¬†Common flies tend to (and this happens dozens of times a minute) repetitively sample and re-sample things, liquefying them, spitting them back out, and spreading them. ¬†Needless to say, they fly from person to person (even from face to face) carrying germs and liquid debris on their mouth parts and feet-pads, and victims of Ebola tend to vomit a lot and have a lot of diarrhea. ¬†Enough said! ¬†Just as fleas had a big part in the Bubonic plague, flies may, I strongly suspect, significantly contribute to the spreading of the Ebola virus. ¬†(I diligently sent an email to the White House regarding this. ¬†I have not yet – to no shock to me – received a response.) ¬†In countries where housing and hospital spaces are minimal, placing Ebola victims in areas where flies have direct access to them (without making attempts to eradicate the flies) may be a very precarious situation indeed. ¬†Spraying with¬†pesticides is¬†needed in areas with Ebola… and such pesticides should be dispersed in large quantities. ¬†Anyway, I’m all for having more dragonflies and less flies!]

Face to face... Photo by Thomas Peace 2014

Face to face… Photo by Thomas Peace 2014