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A Story-Poem (or Two)…



Marla, my wife, said that my poems occasionally need to be more uplifting, so the first poem (here) is meant to fulfill that end.  The second poem is what was written before her comment.

Poem #1


Here in his hands
is a flowery treasure
with sweet petals and leaves
much joy beyond measure

He is of hopes and images where
as he ascends up in the elevator
flowing fields of smiling imaginary angels
open doors that were dreamt of later 

Can we lift a luminous whole
and bring new minds out of below
rise to the top ever so mindfully
in a towering highrise deep in the heart of Chicago?


(Well, elevators are uplifting, aren’t they?)

Poem # 2


There was a pond
and every time a frog jumped into the pond
the pond became a little froggier 
a little splashier

There was a grasshopper
and every time he landed upon a weed
the weed became a little leggier
a little jumpier

There was a propagandizing political news-channel
and every time a person watched it
the television became a little duller
and a lot more dim-witted



Leopard Frog, a species that will not survive long in a world filled with crass people who do not act diligently to prevent global warming and who think that “Windmills cause cancer.”. … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019

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  1. Two very different poems – both conveying “pay attention” vibes – one perhaps with more sugary coating. “A little sugar makes the medicine go down” … helps lift the reader mindfully toward the top. But, too, an abrupt slap in the face can startle a reader into recognizing the folly of habits and choices. Curious about the inevitable elevator music in poem #1 … more verses, please. Whereas, poem #2 makes its point so precisely it makes me wince.


  2. I find that surgery/happy poems tend to not (likely) wake people up to any significant extent. More serious — truth-oriented — poems might (to an extent). Therefore i usually prefer the latter.
    Ah, that elevator music! It’s not that common these days. If it occurs, of course, it’s no hinderance to real quietness, real meditation. 🙂


  3. The endings of both poems made me laugh: the first, in pure delight and amusement, the second a little more ruefully. No matter, laughter is laughter, and as Ralph Waldo Emerson said, even “the earth laughs in flowers.”


  4. I’m glad about the laughter, Linda. 🙂
    I am very fond of Emerson, but he was no Walt Whitman (depth-wise).
    Things are looking very precarious for our Earth and, at this time, i see it likely going down the drain; my premonitions, as a child, were probably not erroneous. I sure hope that they turn out to be erroneous but, so far, things do not look good.


  5. Beautiful words. I’m really needing to connect with this type of beauty today and you have helped me.


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