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Those Poor Children



Only sick immorality can yank children
from their parents and cage them up,
shitting on universal-global love


You know, i am not interested in politics whatsoever.  Politicians are not my cup of tea.  However, what is happening in the U.S. is getting to be extremely sick and immoral, and people (deeply stuck in their ruts) are accepting it!  Children are children of the world; they don’t belong to any damn country, to any damn politics.  It’s only crass, divisive adults who put them in such fragmented domains.  A regime that, against international human rights laws, pulls children from their parents, is an immoral, diabolical regime.  That same deranged, fascist-loving regime has been turning its back on the environment (kissing the behind of the fossil fuel industry).  The unnatural, hellish, hot and violent weather is going to get exponentially worse and is no coincidence; mass extinctions will continue.  When will people wake up?… when it is too late?

Shitting on Children… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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  1. That whole separation of immigrant children from their parents seemed to wake up a few people at least. Let’s hope we see more awakenings as we go along this path.


  2. Maybe not every president would do things like this. I guess it’s in his sick brain to cause a lot of insanity. We are shaking our heads daily when watching the news.
    Regards Mitza


  3. When *they* realise that money cannot be eaten, of course. Thanks for the poignant post!


  4. now is when it is too late. If we went to 0% increase tomorrow it would take between 500 to 1000 years to return to pre industrial levels.


    • It’s at a local hospital where i often take my wife. We have to go again on Monday, so she can have a steroid injection for her sciatica. She puts up with a lot of pain, unfortunately. She has Wilson’s Disease. Due to extensive neck surgery, she cannot eat and must permanently get her nutrition via a stomach-tube. And Trump wants to cut Medicare and Medicaid and let Insurance companies deny people with pre-existing conditions.


  5. As a mother who has had her kids ripped away from her, not even at the hands of ICE, due to unfortunate circumstances, I can empathize somewhat with these poor people! It’s horrific, these people seeking asylum and being locked up like the Holocaust. I pray that this all ends soon for them!


  6. Even with these latest atrocities, at least half of the people in the US still like Trump and what he stands for and will vote to keep him in power. What does it take to change things and how could we have deteriorated so quickly as a Nation.


  7. Well said Tom. He is going to be met with protests the lengths and breadth of the country when he comes here next week. He’s a horrible man.


  8. there are no words to describe my dismay time and time again, but this action is way over the top…how insensitive can people be?


  9. Tom, you made a very valid point: Why is something like this even up for discussion? When people suffer from horrific trials and tribulations, and not a paper cut on their pinky toe, their hearts feel genuine compassion and a sense of true humanity that no amount of money, position or power is capable of buying. Like the kids at Stoneman Douglas High School said so poignantly after the incident of their school shooting, it’s time to stop the convenient rhetoric of saying “Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims” and implement long overdue action! 😦 When did “sensitivity” become a dirty word? :-/


  10. Not all of us here in this country accept this! I have a few pieces on that reflect my anger and frustration with the actions of this administration. There are a lot who think as I do, and hopefully we can see some changes for the better.


  11. I agree with you. What’s happening here in the US is atrocious, not to mention the horrific things the government is responsible for in other countries and environmental issues.


  12. It makes me sick, too. So heartbreaking! Now they are trying to reunite them, but I think for some, it may be too late, which is a tragedy! 😦


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