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When i was a student, i thought,
“Exams can go to grass!”
I never really deeply cared about exams.
They never could measure me
and they never will measure me.
As an adult, i still say,
“Exams can go to grass!”

(Sorry grass, you deserve
dandelions and insects,
not cadaverous exams.)




Damselfly with the Insect Prey that it caught … Photo by Thomas Peace c.2019

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  1. But you are quite skilled at examining dandelions and insects! It’s just a different sort of examination! Close attention’s not quite the same as a test, I’d say!


  2. Lovely blue on the insect. πŸ™‚
    Yes, I hated exams too, as it was never a true measure of your capabilities and caused a lot of stress!


  3. Short exam story. I was too distracted to get good grades in high school. As a junior I beat out everyone in my school on the rigorous Latin exam. The school administrators confronted me: did I cheat? Nihil timeo was my smart ass response.


  4. Singing my song Tom. Had an argument with a vice-chancellor over this, a raging discussion over the fact that exams, literally, are not worth the paper they’re written on, and as you say can’t measure.


    • There are alternative schools where exams are frowned upon and where real learning takes place. They consist of small classrooms — of around 8 to 10 kids (not 35 crammed in like prisoners) — and take students outdoors to discover, learn from nature, organic garden, and make solar panels. Real education is living (not dead). There are, unfortunately, a lot of cadavers out there… cranking out clones of themselves.


      • Yes, that’s the sad part, the walking dead controlled by drones, we too have some places that do real learning environs.

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