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Halloween Dream Time (Part 1)…




At the very bottom of my gorgeous face
      you may see what looks like a dreadful mouth
      and a little above that
      a large nose
      and a little above that
      two glaring eyes

And if you happen to be
      one of the lucky ones
      who is able to see these things
      then I will crawl into
      your midnight dream
      and come again 
      around Halloween
      to get a taste
      of your warm bloodstream




These Tiger Spiders, Argiope trifasciata, are very large and are common web-weavers in our Illinois area.  They are so common in our Illinois area (in the fall) that i have — during nature photography outings — gotten used to inadvertently walking into their webs and having them crawling on me.  They, in reality, are perfectly harmless and get off of me (on their own) before i need to bother to remove them myself.  However, they are not harmless to grasshoppers and — nevertheless, during this U.S. holiday season — they may be visiting you tonight!   Lots of them!    

Tiger Spider (Argiope trifasciata) … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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  1. I’m developing rather a fondness for these Argiope spiders. This is another handsome example: though I’d prefer it stay outside (better for the spider, as well as for me).


  2. We didn’t have Halloween in England. Closest thing was Guy Fawkes Night on Nov5. He was the person who tried to blow up the houses of Parliament


  3. Ah! Your poem could get squeals galore from a group of adolescents!! If one of these wanders into my dreams, I’ll say “welcome”.


  4. Oh my if these spiders are common (as where you are) in our place then there would always be a lot of screaming in the house…thank goodness we only have small little spiders …we still get scared and scream though..


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