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Insights or Non- (Part 6)…




The dichotomy between the “perceiver” and “that which is perceived,” is essentially (psychologically) illusory and nonexistent.   

To overlook and ignore others is to be partially dead psychologically — as so many are — while one merely concentrates on a small point, called “me.”

Forget what everyone taught you about life and death; go out, sit with nature, and look at everything as if for the first time.

Peace will never come as long as each of us belongs to some separative group.

If to be typically human is to abide by commercialism and to pollute the planet… then we need to become superhuman (and green).

To function all of one’s life in predictable, knee-jerk reactions of self-projected selfishness is safe, easy, comfortable… but also, unfortunately, dead.




Aphids up close … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018


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  1. I can only agree with you, Tom. We need to live every day with and in the nature, like it was the last. Then we will have no regrets later.


  2. Amazing photo of those little critters! And yes, we need to stop insisting we belong to some group or other in order to achieve peace.


  3. Communing with nature makes our lives bearable … amazingly long legs on that aphid. And black legs to boot, so I’m going to study one the next time I see it land somewhere. My eyes will barely see an aphid, let alone those long black legs.


      • I just thought there were the plain-Jane lime-green aphids. That’s all I have ever seen, but maybe the others are not visible to the naked eye?

  4. I look to nature for my guidance and edification.
    Most animals in the wild keep to themselves, generally.
    Some band in groups.
    It seems the generally accepted rule of nature is “mind your own business” and “live and let live”.
    Of course this doesn’t apply to the acute predator versus prey moments.
    Watch animals cohabitate. You’ll see some unexpected behaviors. Animals with symbiotic relationships to other animals that might be potentially lethal to them.
    Pilot fish are a good example. They could be eaten by their host, but they’ve drawn something of a truce.
    When multiple species gather in the same space, it’s pretty much “to each their own”. The fox trots past the turkeys and the deer. The coyote feeds not far from the crow. Birds ride around on the backs of cows.
    So a bird is no threat to a cow, you say?
    Jump back to the non-real world of human society.
    Of the things humans are taught to shun or even hate (color, religion, nationality, infermity) how many are likewise no threat whatsoever?

    Seek peace,



  5. Nature contains tremendous harmony and balance, though oftentimes there is conflict and friction within (but it has its place). Learning from nature is beneficial but we must go even beyond that.
    Yes, the world of human society has a lot of real problems, like you suggest, involving hatred of color, nationality, infirmity, etc., and it is largely due to ignorance and miseducation. Humans are not fitting in the balance… and the terrible hurricanes, uncontrollable fires, and extinction of species will continue (exponentially fast, unfortunately).


  6. Hi Tom, I don’t know whether you’ve mentioned it before, but which lens are you using? Aphids are so small and I know my macro 1:1 lens would not be enough to get this close!


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