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A Poem of Bits and Pieces




When this poem was being written
we asked for help
from the Gods of Creativity
but they were all on vacation

The only one at homeΒ 
was the God of Waste and Rubbish
and so this poem reeks like garbage

By the way
the God of Waste and Rubbish
is also the God of environmentally negligent
American politics




Tomenose Burying Beetle in Halloween Colors (These beetles eat rubbish and carrion) … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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      • Too out some candy corn for your Batman Beetle … it will help him to keep his color! Yes, I was from the era when the first Batman and Robin were popular, so the logo struck me right away that it resembled it. Perfect for Halloween! I walked around the neighborhood today and got some pictures of a few of the houses which had nice Halloween decor, especially a corner house that goes all out. I will use the pictures in my posts during Halloween week and stray a little from my usual stuff, though I have a squirrel pic where the flash misfired and he has some yellow glowing eyes. I may use it as well. πŸ™‚

  1. The beetle’s colors and body design are gorgeous (and fun) but look at those antennae! The little decoration at the end is the perfect, fancy addition!


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