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We’ll Miss You Gab




You were the best dog ever
and you are with us always
Most people don’t have a clue
about what eternity really entails
but we don’t have that problem




Our wonderful, little dog, Gabby (who was over 16 years old), passed away on Monday.   Marla and i really miss her!   Since we don’t have human children, this hits us especially hard.  That little sweetie was perfect in every way.   
We still have a number of other pets, including a Miniature Dachshund, Lola, (who is also quite a sweetie).  


Gabby … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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  1. After losing my Dixie Rose a few months ago, I know in a different way how difficult these losses are. I’m sorry for your loss, but happy that your Gab had such a wonderful home.


  2. A lovely tribute to Gabby, a life well lived and a sad loss. Yes, sometimes we view eternity through structure or physics or laws, but it just cannot be so.


  3. monkey too say sorry for loss & understand how hard it = to lose pet. even after 12 years Man & Lady still miss pet dog what merge back into eternity from where it first come.


  4. It seems the spam issue has been taken care of, so let me just say again how sorry I am for your loss. I never fully appreciated how hard it can be until I lost my Dixie Rose. Of course, the other side of the loss is the love for Gab, who clearly had a wonderful home.


  5. Tom, I am saddened to hear about the transition of one of your family members, your beautiful dog Gab. 😦 May you be comforted by the wonderful memories of the life you shared with Gab and the life Gab shared with your family. Peace and blessings! ❤


  6. That’s a VERY sweet image of Gabby – thank you for sharing.
    Sad to lose a companion animal – I’ve been there too many times – each loss unique (as each companion is unique), a bit of me as well no longer “within touch” – though, as you suggest, still very much present.


  7. Tom. There are no words that I can say that will fill the void caused by the loss of your little dog, Gabbie.We have all been there at one time or another but that doesn’t make the hurt any less or make it go away. You have such wonderful memories and nothing can take them from you. I grieve for you and Marla.


  8. Oh Tom (and Marla), I am so sorry. Hurts every time. We are still grieving our strangely empty house without Jules and Lucy. Peace and healing to you both.


  9. I’m sorry to hear about Gabby Tom. My good friend lost her Bichon Frise, Sara, also 16 years old, the following day. She wrote a similar tribute to her dog on Facebook and I misted up, just like I did now when reading about your little pet, feeling badly for you and remembering pets loved and lost of my own. Cheryl and Mark did not have any children either and Sara was doted upon and their loss is profound. How awful our pets cannot exist for more years giving us their love and companionship and us happy to reciprocate. The sudden loss of my canary Buddy left me so upset that there will be no more pets in my life. He was a companion pet who sat here in the kitchen with me all day and into the evening as I work from home.


      • That is what type of bird I should have gotten Tom. My first canary died the same year as my mom and just before Christmas. Since I have no family and work from home, my friend/next-door neighbor Marge told me “you have to have another companion pet – you should not be alone” … I had been adamant that I didn’t want another pet as it was too painful, but I relented. Then I only had Buddy for six years … he had a stroke in December 2016 and I had him euthanized. I think about it sometimes, but then in a week where I read about Sara and Gabby and my other friend lost a feral kitten yesterday – she was very upset. She has three cats of her own, but she shelters a Mama cat with all her kittens all year around. In Winter she provides heated pads, hay, wooden shelters and dishes for food and water with heating elements to keep them from freezing. She plays with them, buys them toys and interacts with them through the day. She traps them when they are old enough and takes them to the vet for shots and to check for feline disease and then turns them over to a shelter just for ferals if they have a clean bill of health. This kitten, Cricket, had the feline disorder and a heart murmur, so she had it euthanized. After three of these instances, and sympathizing with each of you, I really have to think long and hard on it. My friend Ann Marie lost her African Grey at 25 years when her husband was baking bread and the ceramic dish fell off the baking rack, and caught on fire, and they could not move Cookie out of the area fast enough (he was by himself at the time) – it was Winter on top of it and it was asphyxiated, fell backwards and broke its neck. They have no kids and I was surprised that they got another African Grey parrot because they were 72 (her) and 80 (him) years old respectively. I know that this bird will outlive them – I hope they have someone waiting in the wings to take care of Digger.

      • I remember your stories about Tweetie and Scarlett and I often tell my friend Ann Marie about them … Digger is only three years old this December. They got him as a baby, and had to feed him until he could feed himself and also he could not even perch for awhile as he was so small and had to stand and sleep on the floor and they had to heat underneath the cage to keep it warm (it was Winter). I know they have bird shelters – didn’t know until I lost Buddy because they asked if I wanted the cage and blankets I covered his cage with returned to me and I said I did not. They said they’d donate them to a bird shelter. I gave them all Buddy’s food, treats, toys and the other cages (I alternated them so I could clean the other one) and they were going to give it to a bird shelter. I had Buddy cremated so when I went to pick up the cremains, I took everything over as a donation. I got rid of everything so I didn’t see it. I will take it under consideration, but it was so hard that I was/am reluctant to “go there” again.

  10. So sorry to hear about your furry baby pass on, Tom. Now you have a loyal angel with you. These are tough times and I am sorry you are going through this.


  11. I’m sorry for you loss, I’m sure Gabby was lovely and very sweet. And happy to hear about Lola and the other dogs, they must be a cute joy to have and play with or walk. Such nice words to feel and post now too, wishing you and Marla a tranquil weekend.


  12. I’m thinking of you during this difficult time. The love, joy and companionship of having our beloved pets sharing our daily life is something special to be treasured and remembered.


  13. I’m so sorry Tom. We lost a couple dogs a year or so ago. It’s still hard for me to look at their photos. Hope you are remembering all the good things about Gabby.


  14. In the following excerpt, “they” are a team of sled dogs. They have just discussed the loss of and parting from their mothers.

    “They trod along in silence for some time, each consumed within their own thoughts of Mother and mothers. As they entered the Tunkan trail, their heads and hearts steadily rising, smiles slowly came to them, as the brief sadness of parting was soon overwhelmed by the lifetime of joy and love mothers had imparted on each.”
    (Sasha of The Chukchi Sea, S.R. O’Connor) was established in 2016.
    It celebrates the life of, and conveys the wisdom of Chuy the Wonderdog, with whom I shared a path for over fifteen years.
    It speaks plainly about parting and death.
    It speaks as plainly about the circle of life, of which death is such a brief yet integral piece.

    “Remembering you, and that thing that time. Once again you bring me smiles and laughter, my Forever Friend.”

    Seek peace,



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