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What the Finger Said…




One finger said
to the other finger,
“I want to be close to you!”
The other finger said,
“I feel that we two are
very close.”
Then they passionately wrapped around
each other intertwining.
A somewhat distant finger (away from
the other two) pointedly said,
“You two seem as if you were made for each other!”

Then, after a considerable time, fingers
of a supposedly separateย 
hand jealously came attacking,
and total war broke out.

A real fact is that,
in war,
the winners are the losers.ย ย 



Illinois Meadow Wildflower … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018




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  1. There are no “winners” in war – yet humans (in mass) seem incapable of acceptance, determined to dominate – makes one prefer wildflowers to humans!


  2. Very interesting Tom and a very beautiful purple Illinois meadow wildflower (even with that hole on one petal which does not detract from its beauty one iota).


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