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Beyond Limited




Let’s pull some forever out of a hat
      mail a kind letter back to oneself
and sit again wisely where always sat

Allow tears to flow back into red eyes
      and dream again of flying as a child
beyond cold gravity… blue skies




Getting ready to fly… Male Clouded Sulpher Butterfly … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018









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  1. These are some of the still-lingering butterflies here, and it’s such a delight to see them in flight — or perhaps, like this one, resting and dreaming of flight.


  2. “Mail a kind letter back to oneself …” I could use one, perhaps I’ll do that someday. The state of the world has me ground off, when I hear the first newscast of the day. Your Male Clouded Sulpher Butterfly expertly blends into his surroundings Tom.


      • I think the nicer people are here in the blogosphere Tom. I’ve not encountered any ornery souls here since I arrived. The world is not a pretty place and I sure would think twice about bringing children into the world … it’s gonna get worse, not better. Just sign me Another Doomsayer

  3. Wow! What a gorgeous creature! And the poem, gorgeous. I just delved back recently into my memory box to have emotions come flooding back from my childhood. What a nice coincidence to hear that in this poem. 🙂


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