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Oh, Lower Case “i”!…




As Grover on Sesame Street
      — not that i ever watch it
      with our pet parrots —
      says:  “Oh, lower case “i,”
      you are so cute with your
      little dot!”
      Grover is right!  It is a 
      marvelous letter and helps
      to represent what i am
      (even though it really isn’t
      what i am whatsoever)!


Two Pearl Crescent Butterflies… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018






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  1. I suppose when we take the attention off of ole capital “I” and segue to lower case “i” then we decrease personal selfishness, narcissism, and realize it ain’t always about “me.” Pearl Crescent Butterflies Tom? Where do you live? Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom? LOL 😀


  2. Ah! Recognition in hindsight – Sesame Street made parrots of my kids in their preschool years … spitting back little phrases in fascinating combinations. Do you think real parrots are used to test the content for effective recall??
    Gorgeous butterflies, btw!


  3. i say that if it worked for e.e. cummings, it can work for everyone!

    Your parrots’ vocabulary is great from what you’ve mentioned to me, or told us here – obviously they are learning a lot from Sesame Street. We won’t tell if they don’t.


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