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Valient blue conqueror
of the skies
Aware mosquito slayer
and bug buster
An aerodynamic agility
turning on a dime
Posed limber and free
and thus we salute thee



Swift Long-winged Skimmer Dragonfly… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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  1. Wow! What a lovely speximen! And charming words to describe it! Hope you have a great day Tom and if you can, please read what I wrote yesterday, an update of child abuse.


  2. You may have helped me identify a dragonfly I found this year. I’m just beginning to learn their names. Your verse is delightful. I do have a question. If a dragonfly gets tired, and rests for a bit like this one might be, could we call it a ‘draggin’ fly’?


  3. Great image! We could use a few dozen here to cope with a mosquito excess! (Oooo, and to pose for photos …) Love the expression “aerodynamic agility”.


  4. We had more dragonflies here this summer then ever before! I haven’t seen any blue ones where I live, but watched dozens of them skim across a pond in Ashland in early August. Your photo and description are perfect!


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