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Lo Zu regarding the Best Clouds… (Another short Lo Zu tale)…




One young student of life asked Lo Zu, “Of all the various types of clouds in the sky,
which is the one that you deem best?”

The great sage’s penetrating eyes sagaciously looked up and he said,
“Not the huge, mountainous, white towering clouds that have accumulated much.  Neither the
saturated, heavy clouds, for each is darkly full of itself; nor the clouds that stretch, sheet-like,
blanketing the whole sky; they think that they know everything.
However, there is real beauty in the little, truly humble, faint cloud of no-mind that one can barely see,
that no one notices; it lets the sun through and helps illuminate the darkness.
  Fireflies can illuminate
darkness too; very few people love them like I love them.”




Firefly Illumination Happening!… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018




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  1. Fireflies were everywhere when I was a child, but they don’t favor many of the places I’ve lived since. Now, I’m near a wooded area where they flit and fly during the evening, and when I see them, I’m a kid again.


  2. I love watching them charge up in the evening. I can see them pulsating, dimly glowing brighter and brighter until liftoff. Pretty cool. Great pic Tom. Well done!


  3. Good thoughts on recognizing and appreciating the humble among us. I have fond childhood memories of catching fireflies in jars and sitting in the closet with my siblings. We all grew a little wiser from their illuminations.


  4. a beautiful story and photo, Thomas. Have a nice weekend with your wife and Tweetie, kind regards Mitza


  5. That’s a nice story Tom and I heard a little factoid about fireflies yesterday – their illuminated bodies tell bats that they are not good to eat. When they light up, it deters the bats from going after them.


  6. Wow, that’s very interesting, Linda! 🙂 I remember reading, long ago, that firefly derived repellants were being used to keep sharks at bay, but i don’t know if such things are still being used.
    I also remember reading an article about recent research on the lighting patterns of fireflies. The research seemed to indicate that fireflies emit a certain code to define and communicate what their exact species is (as there are a lot of species of fireflies); additionally, they give a second signal that is more of a self-expression kind of thing (that is unique and that is their own little creation). Light-on, little fireflies! 🙂


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