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    • Thanks, Belinda! I had to carefully step, in sections, around all of the poison ivy that was surrounding it. I am very sensitive and susceptible to poison ivy. It was like walking in a maze or puzzle! Bending down to photograph the fungi was even placing me way too near that green terror! 🙂


  1. Your ‘flaming’ fungus and your mention of the poison ivy reminds me that one of the worst ideas in the world is burning poison ivy. The smoke can give sensitive people real problems — and even some of the ‘insensitive’ can suffer.


  2. I’ll add another WOW! to the comments here – especially the navigating poison ivy! Is that spider web remnants? Does the coloring of this attract insects and thus the spiders? Your image is so vivid – I want to reach out and touch.


  3. That is surreal looking – all that is missing is the smoke from those flames, though we are now getting that smoke from the forest fires out West in your state, and even in mine.


      • I’ve never seen anything like it – very unique. Your Haiku too. Yup, it is very sad and not only bad to have the West Coast suffer but all across the U.S. now – hope it is not still bothersome to Marla. It’s supposed to last a few more weeks.

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